It is a quiet, uneventful day affording me an opportunity to ponder and reflect on matters, in particular a meeting with a leading industry recruiter that took place yesterday afternoon.  I was under the impression I was coming to interview for a position with the firm he represents, although it was more continuance of a conversation we initiated by phone last week.  Jim “sourced” me via the social network and during the course of our informal chat he’d indicated that he gleaned from my profile a heart-centered individual, and that he’s looking to train, mentor and develop such people in pods of 2 beginning in 2013.

I confessed at one point my intimidation at the prospect of joining such an exclusive and elite organization whose clients include Fortune 100 companies, to which he inquired for more detail.  I likened it to the excitement of anticipating a shot at the big leagues, and he concurred that is an appropriate analogy.  His accomplished background in social work and two plus decades of technical recruiting of “wicked smart dudes” as he describes them, have clearly made him an astute assessor of candidate talent, truly a compliment to even be considered for such a prominent role.  Despite the six figure earning potential, I am more drawn to an offer of working closely with an industry expert.  At the conclusion of more than an hour he asked me if I’m prepared to “interview to win” with company executives.  I promptly replied in the affirmative, and he suggested I give it some thought to ensure it is really what I want to pursue at this point in my life.  I am leaning strongly toward moving forward and intend to reach out this afternoon.

After the meeting I dropped by The Barn to deliver a few more items in support of the composting and cultivation operations.  I shared some of what was discussed in my meeting as Amy, Erin, Sifu and I sat down to break bread.  They were of course wholeheartedly in favor of me going for it, even if in the short-term it means less time and energy to devote to our mutual vision on the farm.  We were later joined my Matt who had been out providing massage therapy to a couple of friends over on the west side.  He reminded me that in consideration of any offer, the prerogative is to know whether or not I am inspired by it.  I have no doubt of my ability to succeed, but it is no success without inspiration.  I think I’m going to dive into The Alchemist, a book that has been handed to me twice in the last few months, most recently by my mother.

In common wealth,


“The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off. ” ~Gloria Steinem