It is a wintry morn with snow steadily falling as I take refuge in the warmth of my humble abode.  I shook off the cold after a brisk stroll down the road a piece where I broke my fast at the local diner.  A hot cup of Rooibos tea exudes steam portending of warmth at the hearth.  Jim replied to the email I’d sent yesterday afternoon subject line: Interview to win, indicating that he’d be in touch over the next day or two regarding next steps in the process.  He had alluded to a possible interview via Skype as company execs are based in Toronto and Montreal.  While I would see that as an advantage allowing me to access a “cheat sheet” of notes providing cues in responses to key queries, any technological glitches on my end could spell doom.  Nonetheless, if it is meant to be all will fall into place.  Whatever the case may be there is a growing certainty that I am about to embark on the next leg of this journey in a major way.

In my dreams early this morning I was reunited with my ex and Mela Bean, the Yorkie who touched my heart over a 5 year period.  As I recall the dream she was able to speak English and actually occurred as a human figure, although I fail to remember any specific words.  In offering my ex a cordial parting kiss she took liberties to thrust her tongue down my throat and I was aghast, even grossed out a bit.  Seems my subconscious is affirming that I’m all but over the relationship I’d once been so deeply ensconced within, for better and worse.  In the moment she had shape-shifted to an ex-girlfriend back in my college years, with whom I’ve not had any contact in a decade.  These are the two romantic relationships of any significance in this lifetime, and now mere relics of a past upon which I’m vaulting forward.

I am about halfway through The Alchemist and intend to absorb the remainder of its contents today.  Maktub (it is written).  It is an inspiring tale of a young shepherd pursuing his dreams, or Personal Legend, despite the extraordinary obstacles of circumstance.  He has already overcome a thief who nabbed the sum total of his travel fund, and revived a has-been merchant’s crystal shop atop a lonely hill outside the city.  He is now among a caravan of sojourners seeking their own legends in distant lands against the odds in their mutual quest.  A good shepherd never forgets his sheep.

In common wealth,


“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation,” the old man tells him. “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”