The sun is shining and blue skies greet the day.  I stayed up past my preferred bedtime as has become customary on the nights following band classes.  Nonetheless, I feel relatively rested sleeping in a bit.  I had some vivid dreams that I am now struggling to recall, the most recent just before waking up to begin the day had me in Toronto on business.  I was in line at a cafe as an older woman approached to place her order speaking in Italian. She was so full of joy and animation, though I had not a clue as to what she was speaking, clearly her soul spoke the universal language of love.  While my patience may have grown thin whilst waiting for the barista to serve me, I was easily pacified in her presence.  It could be a premonition, or an omen of sorts, or maybe just a reminder that all the world is forever a mirror.

There has been some discussion in the social network spilling over last night into today regarding the idiom “elephant in the room,” a metaphor for ignoring an obvious truth and going unaddressed.  We all have our elephants in the room of our subconscious mind, and if we remain unwilling to take a look we proceed blissfully ignorant, often until it smacks us upside the head in the form of a “life tragedy.”  I’ve been on a path of exposing my elephants for over a decade, and to this day remain humbled by the truths discovered.  There are very few souls working with the law of reflections, although our numbers are growing, slowly but surely.  It takes a courageous, humble and powerful heart to surrender to all of who we are.  I commend my fellow spiritual warriors who have chosen this road less traveled.

I am going to finish the last few pages of The Alchemist, and perhaps take a stroll on the beach if the winds are not too intense.  First I need to break my fast with a couple of eggs on toast, the morning repast of champions.  I feel as though I’ve entered new metaphysical territory, strange and wondrous unfamiliar lands indeed.  I find myself less concerned with where I’ve been and where I may be going as I immerse myself fully into the present.  My comfort zone continues to expand allowing me to enter new spaces, with both familiar and unfamiliar faces.  I am he as your are he as you are me and we are all together.

In common wealth,