Today has been delightful by all measures from start to near finish as the sun has set on a cool, wintry Friday to close out this month of November.  Grateful Dead Anaheim ’87 is playing as I dispense with my latest thoughts and observations.  This morning sorta flew by after breakfast at Dan’s Diner where the most gracious owner-proprietor Lori served up my favorite 2 eggs over with home fries, onions and rye toast.  Her hired hand Charlotte was deeply curious of an unfamiliar patron asking me several personal questions, and never one to shy away from an interview, I fessed up openly about the loss of my marriage and detour in my career path over the last year.  Other patrons seemed to be entertained by some of my remarks and upon paying my tab wished them all a pleasant weekend.

After a soak in the tub I met up with a new acquaintance, one of my readers Jill, who squeezed me in for coffee between her morning workout and afternoon work shift.  We had initially crossed paths online via a dating site months ago and have kept in touch ever since.  The conversation was meaningful and open as we both shared some of the challenges we faced in our mutually tumultuous marriages.  Turns out she works with a guy who may be dating my ex-wife as she recognized him from a photo via the social network where we had just yesterday friended one another.  It is the second confirmation I’ve received from sources of her new-found romance, and honestly it is like water off a duck for me.  I am actually glad to know she has someone else to lean on, and if she is happy that is the sort of update I prefer.

From there I made my way over to a client’s house to stake a butterfly bush I had transplanted a few weeks ago.  As fate would have it I met the husband for the first time who had been on his way out when I pulled in.  We chatted as I tended to the forlorn foliage and he was quite the animated fellow sharing about his love for percussion, “Congo Bob” as he is known among friends.  He mentioned that the neighborhood kids spontaneously come over for free lessons before inviting me to his show on Saturday night across the border at Crystal Ball.  I have long-held an interest in playing the drums and he had my ear for several minutes as a light snow coated the earth.  I told him I’d like to come out sometime to catch a performance before bidding him adieu.

My last errand for the day took me to the grocery store to replenish a few items including staples like butter, bread and hummus.  A man cannot live on bread alone.  You gotta wash it down with something.  I feel almost high right now for no particular reason, the energies must be elevated and my spirit is soaring.  My brother text me asking if I wanted to hang out, but I’m inclined to indulge in my own company this evening.  I am thinking a night walk on the beach is in order, unless of course the cold north wind blows me away.

In common wealth,


Couple more shots of whiskey I’m going down to Minglewood…