A warm front has pushed through with light rain showers melting the remainder of minor snow accumulations.  After watching the Alabama Crimson Tide defeat the Georgia Bulldogs to clinch a second straight trip to the BCS championship game in Miami January 7th I took a stroll along the beach in the dark of night.  Temperatures had actually risen from earlier in the day to the low 50’s and I felt pulled to the water.  At a couple of points I thought I heard something behind me, or up in the treed bank, though likely just a rustle from a southerly breeze.  I continued to a decaying concrete pier standing at the edge barely able to make out the contrast of sky and water below.  Suddenly the wind shifted to the east nudging me toward the lake, as if to remind me to stay present whilst my mind wandered in awe.  There wasn’t a soul around, not even a late season bonfire as far as the eye could see.  I was alone, yet connected to the sand, sea and stars.

I had intentions of volunteering with my cousin at SABAH this morning, but alas my body sought to make up for the sleep deficit.  We had been talking at Thanksgiving and she suggested I come out indicating that there is often a shortage of people to match up with the disabled folks for their weekly skate.  I’m going to make it a point to participate next week.  Other than that I have tentative plans to forge a new connection over brunch.  From there I’m headed to visit my folks and enjoy a dinner gathering.  The Bill’s game is not televised as not enough fans have retained interest to support their team through yet another losing season.  I’m grateful that I won’t be wasting my time in such a way, even on a rainy afternoon.

In common wealth,