This evening is quite the opposite this time yesterday where I had all this inexplicable energy that lead to a night out on the town with the neighbors.  We made it down the road to Scallywags, a saloon with a pirate theme including servers donning bandannas and long skirts.  I introduced myself to the bartender, and owner of the joint, which she opened with her late husband just a couple of years ago.  Several hours passed quickly over many adult beverages and a couple orders of Jamaican jerk and bbq chicken wings.  There was some disagreement over the music selection on the jukebox among the locals and the unfamiliar faces infiltrating their watering hole on a Friday night.  One husky fellow seated at the corner of the bar made some remarks directed at me and I just chuckled.  He later dropped by our table to introduce himself, submissive behavior you might see in a wolf pack, or lion pride, when the alpha male has established his position.

Despite the exhaustion resulting from staying up well after midnight I made it downtown as VIP guest for the first ever TEDx Buffalo Women conference at the county library.  I had been invited months in advance by my friend Diana and fortunately it worked out that everything lined up for me to attend the first annual event simultaneously hosted in cities across the nation.  I did arrive late and after quickly registering put my name tag on before finding a seat in the center of the room just before the first of several speakers were introduced.  I noticed some familiar faces, including twin sisters Sarah and Laura a couple of rows in front of me.  I enjoyed watching their responses to the dynamic, enlightening and even provocative words delivered by highly empowered women from the stage.  I was one of just a handful of men in the audience and had chills up and down my spine throughout the day.  There are some seriously intelligent, inspired and accomplished females being the change they want to see in the world, and what a potent reflection they are for all who cross their path.

It is going to be a quiet night in and early to bed as Alabama clashes with SEC rival Georgia to determine who will face The Fighting Irish in the BCS championship game in Miami shortly after the new year.  I was too exhausted to stay and mingle at an after-party across the street in the Hotel Lafayette following the conference.  There were many important and valuable messages that I cannot recall due to my present malaise.  Thankfully, the event was recorded and will be available online in the next few weeks.  The main message I took away is look out fellas, the status quo way of doing business is being replaced by an emerging paradigm featuring feminine values of connection, closeness and collaboration.  The paradigm shift here on earth reflects a shift in the cosmos as we transform right-wrong, winner-loser, yin-yang duality into a calm unity.  There is no greater way of serving the world than being uniquely who you are and sharing your skills, gifts and talents with love and goodness to all concerned.

In common wealth,


There are no bad days, only good days and better days. – Karima