The cold front blew through late yesterday delivering another round of soaking rain, and now this morning but a cold steady breeze as temps have returned to a more normal range for this time of year.  I have gluten-free pancakes on the menu for breakfast and looking forward to an upper body massage/ facial this afternoon with my friend Amanda who is training to become a licensed esthetician.  Today is her first day in the clinic and I suspect she may be nervous, as many of the students had been at the massage school I worked for a few years ago.  I love to see folks excel at whatever they’re striving to do, whether personally or professionally.  And I could really use some pampering to soothe my weary body.

There’s been some challenges arising over the last couple days as it pertains to how I invest my time.  While our essence is eternal and everlasting, we do have a limited period of time on this planet in this particular life to complete our mission.  About 8 years ago I discovered my mission and have summarized it into a statement, “To inspire, empower and educate.”  I’m noticing that I’m increasingly serving in this mission on a complimentary basis, particularly via the social network, often providing advice, feedback and guidance to folks from all walks of life without asking for anything in return.  A wise man once told me, “Do what you love and eventually you will get paid for it.”  There is a such a strong sense of purpose that just the giving is a form of compensation.  However, we all got bills to pay and I need to be mindful of ensuring there is a balance in exchange for my services.

If you want to see what you believe in, or most value, pay attention to where you spend your time and money.  Yesterday I paid $7 for an afternoon matinée, Cloud Atlas, a nearly 3 hour film that takes the viewer on a mind-bending journey through the past and future, with a message that Truth is absolute, and only its versions are mistruths.  There is an uplifting theme of redemption and hope if only we persevere through oppression and manipulation by those who seek  order and control.  I rarely go to the theater and if I’m not mistaken this is the first time I’ve been since the divorce.  For me it was well worth the time and money invested as I came away from the film with much to ponder, and as a philosopher of sorts, I always value that which stimulates thought and distills into understanding.  Where have you been spending your time and money of late?

I’m still waiting to hear back from the recruiter about the gig he brought me in to discuss last week.  I had called at the end of last week to inquire of the status and he emailed back that they had sent him to their Philly office for an “urgent project” and that he’d return to working on the Buffalo project this week.  I sent him a follow-up email this morning asking about the progress in Philly, not wanting to be “pushy” or “annoying”, but to let him know that the opportunity remains on my radar.  I have no shortage of projects and ventures at this juncture, and as 2012 winds down I’m curious to see which most aligns in support of my mission in life.  Anything less is just an imprudent use of my precious time.

In common wealth,


You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar (1926-2012)