It is a soggy Saturday morning and my muscles are sore following another day of gardening.  Angela & I took care of 2 more clients including trimming some abnormally tall Rose-of-Sharon for a real estate agent, and raking up several tarp loads of leaves at a law office.  Sure enough there was a cherry tree in full blossom as we chuckled to one another amid another 50 degree day in December.  Following completion of the scheduled work we met up with a prospective client in Allentown for a project much larger in scope than either of us have taken on previously.  We have been granted creative license to design a landscape for an expanding restaurateur, and one they aspire to be worthy of publication in a leading industry periodical.

I am drafting this entry from an old hand-me-down desktop as my laptop monitor has been acting up since sitting in my truck the day before last.  The keyboard and its position atop a chest of drawers makes for a much less ergonomically pleasing experience, and yet I am grateful to have it as a backup at the moment as I press on with this Daily Log 2012.  It is almost unfathomable that it has been nearly one year since the shit went down and the life I worked hard to build slipped through my hands like sand.  My version of the “happily-ever-after” fantasy had been shattered, and in its wake full on self-reinvention.

Tonight I will be gathering with family to celebrate my cousin Nikki’s milestone 40th birthday, which does not actually occur until Christmas day.  We grew up together practically as twins, born just 2 months apart to mother’s who grew up as very close sisters.  I have a photo of us from about age 2 in a stroller together at my grandparents’ house pinned to my bulletin board.  While we’ve grown apart over the years, or our paths have simply lead us in different directions, we remain in touch.  She is married to something of a “deadbeat husband” and raising 3 children while putting herself through nursing school, the quintessential Supermom.  I admire her will and strength to persevere no matter what life has dealt, an inspiring reflection of me.

In common wealth,