It is a windy and wet Monday morning as I sip my fruit smoothie whilst organizing some paperwork.  I had intentions of posting an entry last night after dinner at my folks’ house; however, my mind was simply too weary and foggy.  Some of that malaise lingers into today, yet composing herein serves in numerous ways, one of which is clarity.  This dark time of the year weighs heavy on many folks, and this year for me it feels lighter than season’s past as I’ve processed and released so much extraneous dogma.  We’re approaching the shortest day of the year now less than 2 weeks away, and with it the added intrigue of the “apocalypse”, or “lifting of the veil.”  Indeed, these are wild and unpredictable times we’re facing, daunting and exciting to see what is to come.

My cousin’s 40th birthday party was a blast as much of the family gathered to celebrate.  Late in the evening as things were winding down I took a seat at the piano and dabbled in some Christmas carols.  Shortly thereafter I was joined by my cousin Debbie who talked into my ear as I continued to play, reading notes from the book, and at one point she commented that maybe I play better when distracted.  Nikki, the guest of honor, then came to have a seat beside me on the bench and sang along as I struggled to produce coherent melodies.  I hadn’t played in many years.  We gave O Holy Night an attempt, a tricky arrangement with many chord changes and high notes that challenge vocal pedigree.  It was an inspiring moment of connection with my twin cousin.  And I was reminded how much the music stirs within my heart.

So I am organizing some paperwork, paying some bills and later this afternoon will be headed to visit my besties at The Barn.  It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve gathered in common wealth, and I feel a void in the absence of their company.  We’ve all been busy with various social engagements and it will be nice to convene once again.  I have some Christmas lights to set up if the rain subsides.  Next up a soak in the tub before lunch.  Everything is in perfect order, even when it appears to the contrary.

In common wealth,