Despite a slow start to the day I’ve managed to be fairly productive having strung up Christmas lights on the front porch, straightened the sugar maple to an upright position with a come-along and installed a new smoke alarm that promises to be less sensitive to the nearby toaster oven.  I wanted to finish up my “chores” in time to take myself out to a matinée, although I’m going to have to postpone until the late afternoon showing.  In the interim, I thought I’d sit down and dispense with some more of my thoughts, feelings and hunches.

Last night at The Barn was yet again an enlightening and nurturing gathering of like-minded spiritual warriors.  Matt and I “fed” the worms their first round of mashed up compost from the bucket, then juiced the first tray of wheatgrass from the basement crop.  We sat down to a hearty meal of chicken peas pasta prepared by our hostess with the mostess Amy.  After cleaning up Matt worked on my knee applying pressure to meridian points, and showing me how I could stimulate the energy on my own using a piece of PVC.  I then remained in my chair as Matt queued up the “dive”, a guided meditation ensemble that promotes neural activity across both hemispheres of the brain.  I felt recharged and lucid following the session.

Before departing Amy shared with me a “story” of feeling “unlovable” as a child, and as a coping mechanism withdrawing from others, especially loved ones whom she intuits are throwing a negative vibe.  It reminded me of my marriage at various points when I wanted nothing more than for my ex to show warmth and affection, and it was always when I was feeling depleted, or perhaps down.  The rub is that the outside world reflects the inner, and so however you’re relating with yourself, it will show up in your interactions.  I too shared a revelation of one of my rhythm and patterns, wherein I set my life up to be alone.  No doubt I’ve recently lived into this story unconsciously until just a few weeks ago.  Being alone challenges and supports me on this path of transformation.  And so while I long for companionship at times, I am finding increasing peace in my own company.

In many ways I am seeing this current juncture in my path as a culmination and “final exam” if you will in application of the principles I’ve come to know and practice for over a decade now.  I am on the brink of earning my master’s degree, or perhaps PhD from the school of life, as this opus serves as a dissertation of sorts.  These accelerating energies of ascension are purifying our entire being, re-wiring and re-designing the human genome to the extent that we awaken to who we really are as co-creators.  We have a choice to evolve or wither, and it is the meek, the flexible and responsible, who shall lead the way.

In common wealth,