My eyes are heavy and body mildly fatigued after spending the day splitting firewood at Eh-Khweh-Heh-Weh Center for Learning on the Tuscarora Nation.  Matt, Shawn aka “5 bag” and I drove up this morning after a shot of wheatgrass and some leftover chili for breakfast.  Tahwehdahqui and Tina were thrilled to have helpers arrive as they had just run out of split wood for their burning stove.  We enjoyed several hours beneath blue skies soaking up the late autumn sun preparing for a New Year’s Eve sweat lodge, and re-stocking the firewood shed with oak, maple and hickory.  There was a  time in my life many years ago where I visited on a much more regular basis to lend a helping hand.  It felt good to be back, and as if I’d never been gone for very long.

I spent the night on a very cozy spare sofa at The Barn allowing us to get an early start to the day.  I sat at the kitchen table for a bit as Amy knitted a scarf and we discussed the homesteading vision we share.  Erin & I cracked walnuts and enjoyed it with dark sea salted chocolate before Matt arrived home following a massage appointment with friends.  He took a message from the answering machine regarding the declining state of his grandmother’s health before the women retired and the men sat down to a movie whilst sipping White Russians.  It was a documentary on the ill-fated, and heroic trans-antarctic expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1914, a harrowing tale of 28 men stranded upon the pack ice for nearly 2 years before rescue.  The depths of despair and anguish on those bitter cold and dark days is unfathomable.  Truly a testament to the will for survival.

On the professional front I still have not heard a word regarding the recruiter gig.  I left a voice mail for Jim yesterday and can only surmise that he is enveloped in the project he was sent to Philly as an urgent matter.  I did sit down yesterday with a regional sales manager for Allstate regarding the prospect of opening an agency.  He explained the fundamentals and basic requirements as we enjoyed an informal chat for better than an hour.  I have an online questionnaire to complete as part of their vetting process.  I am not quite sure where I stand on this opportunity, although figure I’ll know better if and when we get together for a follow-up meeting.  Time to go veg out and watch the Bengals v Eagles.  All my relations!

In common wealth,