Glorious rays of sunlight stream through the windows and frosty blades of grass greet me on a crisp late autumn morning.  The mild weather pattern provided suitable conditions for a beach fire as I hosted some friends last evening.  Matt, Amy & Erin drove out just before sunset and we were joined by my brother Dan, along with his furry companion Harley.  We enjoyed some wine and conversation ranging from conspiracy theory over Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11, to the prospects for a magnetic pole shift next week on the solstice, and of course the school massacre earlier in the day leaving 26 children and adults slain.  It felt deeply liberating and cleansing to sit outside beneath the stars as a gentle southerly breeze reminded us of the ambient cool temperature.

We lasted for a couple of hours beside the fire before migrating back to the house to warm our bones with lentil soup and pesto pizza.  Dan only stayed for a half bowl to take the edge off his appetite before departing to meet up with a lady friend.  Matt had stayed back at the fire preferring to soak up as much beach time as possible while the rest of us took in sustenance.  Eventually I rode back down on the quad to retrieve him so he could eat.  We enjoyed some laughter over a nightcap before they packed up and headed home.  It was very gratifying to share the space with everyone for a chance of pace from the remote solitude in abundance out here.

I just took a call from a number I recognized, although could not recall it offhand.  Turns out it was the groomers we used to take the dog to informing me that Mela was finished.  I instructed the woman on the other end of the line that she needs to contact my ex-wife and provided her with the phone number.  Naturally, a wave of emotion welled up as I am reminded that I still associate “loss” with this event.  The emotion has already subsided as evidence that with time and proper calibration of perception the pain dissolves into gratitude.  My folks are headed out to visit for the afternoon and I have some cleaning up to do.  Namaste.

In common wealth,