A light rain has started to fall on yet another unseasonably balmy evening.  I had sauntered on down to the beach for a brief stroll in the dark of night, pausing to take a seat upon a log and meditate as gentle waves lapped ashore.  It’s been a couple of fun days, perhaps a bit too much fun for a dinner party hosted by my friend Angela at her quaint home in Williamsville.  I had several bloody Mary’s in me from a visit with my sister before arriving to dine with a jolly group of adults and young adults.  Over the course of a few hours several glasses of red wine were consumed and a delightful, nourishing meal of roasted root veggies, collard greens in a bacon cream sauce, pot roast and grilled venison.  After playing a couple of hands of cards I said my goodbyes and went home to catch the end of A Christmas Carol with my folks up late in front of the television.

I woke up this morning with a mild hangover and after a fruit smoothie my mother whipped up I headed out to meet up with Angela to discuss our partnership going forward.  We had a fruitful conversation for a business vision and more immediately, how we may lock in a large project in Allentown.  Following brunch we made an attempt at some Christmas shopping and both agreed it wasn’t worth fighting the crowds whilst contending with brain fog.  So our goal for now is to obtain the prospective client’s phone number and make contact to schedule a face to face meeting later this week.

Upon returning to my folks’ house I took to a reclining chair in the family room and indulged in a power nap before guests arrived to frost Christmas cookies.  It wasn’t long before I was snapped out of my half-conscious state and greeted by my cousin Nikki as the first arrivals, along with her two little girls Gabrielle and Corinne.  After firing up the Keurig to produce two stiff cups of java, one each for me and Nikki, I sat down to the table of women including my mother, Aunt Betsy, sister Erinn, cousins Kim and Shannon with their little ones Evelyn, Will and Jack, respectively.  In less than 2 hours an entire dining room table was covered with Khris Kringle cookies.  I hugged everyone and made my way for the door to conclude festivities until we meet the next week to celebrate this season of giving.

In common wealth,