The rain that began last night has continued into this morning soaking the green grass as swollen tributaries empty into the lake.  My laptop monitor has come back to life after leaving it running overnight, perhaps some assistance from the silicon angels.  There has been intense activity on the social network in response, or reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary incident.  While I of course empathize in a shared grieving with the parents and teachers affected, I hold concerns given inconsistencies in media and police accounts of what actually occurred last Friday morning.  We know for certain that 28 people lost their lives, but we do not know that the killer did in fact commit suicide, or kill his mother, or that he acted alone in this most heinous event.  I’m not convinced that increased gun control legislation or mental health services is an appropriate response here, and certainly would like to see more folks who have an emotional charge regarding this event explore the inequities in their minds, thus moving us forward in an evolutionary way.  We must ask the most uncomfortable questions, how is this event relevant to my life and how does it reflect what’s going on for me?

I have listed the various ventures and job opportunities on the table right now with an intention to rank them in order of highest to lowest priority based on my values.  And that is the rub, what do I most value?  What comes to mind immediately is “people.”  When I consider a work environment or a business venture it is all about the people involved.  I have eliminated a couple of items from my list due to incongruities in this vital capacity.  I could not see myself working with them on a day-to-day basis to bring a vision into fruition.  I operate from a place of complete responsibility for my life, every thought, feeling and action reflected back to me in the world of forms.  The efficacy of any venture, whether personal or professional, begins and ends with taking responsibility.  If one cannot be accountable to their perceptions there is no room for growth, or evolution.

Later this evening I’ll be joining some friends for a bi-weekly viewing of Tolle TV, where the modern-day master Eckhart Tolle shares his thoughts and perspectives on living in the now.  It never ceases to amaze me how much my mind wanders to the future, or drifts to the past, not that there isn’t any benefit in doing so, provided one is able to distill insight from such mental meandering.  A wise friend and teacher once said, “Daydreaming is luxury.”  What I take away from this statement is that every moment counts, every thought, feeling and choice is determining our individual and collective destinies.  We are all Creators, Gods and Goddesses, as powerful as we allow ourselves to be.  There is nothing else like you or me in this creation story, and yet we are each the entire blueprint of the Universe.

In common wealth,