The rain and wind have picked up since returning home after a day out and about running errands, including a much-needed massage.  The tension in my shoulders and back was astounding, as Kaitlyn applied deep tissue technique bringing some relief.  Before I left the spa I was persuaded to purchase a 1 year membership, which includes a monthly massage and member points toward discounts.  The pretty young woman overcame my objection- I like to support my numerous massage therapist friends- responding that if I miss one month it rolls over to the following month where I could indulge in a 2 hour session.  And so despite a very tight budget I made the commitment to my wellness.  Massage is after all, an act of self-love.

So here we are on this the eve of the highly anticipated and debated culmination of a 26,000 year galactic cycle per Mayan prophesy.  Predictions have run the gamut from global catastrophe in a circumpolar shift to vibrational portals opening assisting us in our metaphysical journey.  I have tentative plans to join friends for a short road trip to the southern tier where their family is gathering to celebrate a “Doomsday Christmas.”  At the moment I feel anything but in a celebratory mood as my body decompresses and eyelids heavy.  I can feel the collective weight of consciousness as the peak of annual darkness nears.

I did manage to complete my shopping list today as intended.  I’m really not in a position to be spending liberally, but I figure fuck it, if we don’t crash and burn tomorrow then surely we’ll go over the fiscal cliff in early 2013.  Despite my financial circumstances I refuse to abstain from the spirit of giving, and should I go hungry as a result of my selflessness it can only serve to flatten a belly that has grown in recent weeks from all the yuletide cheer.  Ok enough banter for tonight.  Should this be my final entry, see y’all on the other side, and if not, well then as you were.

In common wealth,