It is a very calm start to this post-apocalyptic day, both outside as the winds have subsided, and inside my heart.  I had a very active dream state over an eight-hour period of sleep, including a sweat lodge ceremony and interactions with former co-workers from a time in my life when the labor was physically difficult, and the camaraderie like nothing I’ve known since.  At one point I was awakened by the sound of my mother’s cell phone ringing, and what sounded like ESPN on the television.  I had thought to check my phone to make sure everything was ok, and opted instead to return to sleep.  I am well rested and do feel as though something shifted for me energetically as winter has now officially begun and with it, a return to the light.

Despite exhaustion I was revved up last night and engaged the social network with a litany of silly, if not mischievous activity.  I felt as I did when a child still believing in Santa Claus.  There was a sense of excited anticipation that something good was on its way.  And as I slept all I could feel was an enhanced sense of well-being in mind, body and spirit throughout the night into dawn.  I was never concerned with any “end of the world” predictions leading up to this hyped up day.  However, I did note a desire for a shift in the hearts and minds of humanity as an evolutionary catalyst.  Time will tell what, if any, actual “shifts” have occurred for folks.  I feel groovy.

And so now what to do with this first day of winter?  I just peaked outside the window and sure enough snowflakes are falling gently to the earth.  What is amazing about evolution is that  the pace and direction of its course depends in large part upon freewill.  We have a choice to shine the light into the dark corners of our psyche, spaces where we cling to pain from “traumas” and other such challenging events in our life story.  I find that only the most dedicated and passionate souls are willing to “go there” to liberate themselves from latent fears.  It takes a whole lotta love to surrender and submit in stepping out of our comfort zones, to re-visit an experience and consider how it was just as much a blessing as the perceived curse we carry like cargo.  Each moment affords us a reflection in our interactions with other beings.  I continue to feel lighter and lighter in this journey as I let go, and to be as a child in entering the kingdom within.

In common wealth,