I just put a pot of lentil soup on the stove and the delightful aroma of sautéed veggies wafts throughout the house.  It has been a bit of a wild adventure this weekend resulting in a moderate sleep deficit.  I ended up tagging along with Matt & Amy to gather in Jamestown for a “Doomsday Christmas” celebration with Matt’s brothers, nephews and mother.  We had a blast as lake effect snow squalls dumped nearly a foot of the white stuff overnight.  The festivities continued the following day with a work party for Amy out here in my neck of the woods.  I was honored to have another invitation extended, though I only lasted for but a couple of hours before returning home to stretch out on the sofa as Calvin Johnson made NFL history and the Atlanta Falcons locked up home field advantage for the playoffs.

This morning I walked down the road enduring a cold wind chill to get breakfast for one final time before the diner closes until early next year.  I deviated from my “usual” 2 eggs, home fries and sourdough toast opting for the country boy scrambler, an omelet choc full of goodies and topped with melted cheddar.  After washing it down with coffee I cashed out wishing the owner and staff a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, letting them know I’ll miss coming down for my once weekly ceremonial diner breakfast.  At least I will have Dan’s Diner in the village to tide me over through the wintry weeks ahead.

I’ve been giving much thought to what is ahead for my life as we conclude this wondrously tumultuous year of transition into 2013.  The farm vision continues to take hold in my heart as I consider how best to align my profession with my highest values,  and thus my vocation becomes my vacation.  I am passionate about the earth and cultivating nourishment from its abundant vegetable, animal and mineral forms.  In chatting with Matt at the party last night he used a biblical reference in a manner I’d never considered, when the lamb lays down with the lion, offering that it symbolizes when inspiration integrates with service.  If we keep the focus on being of inspired service to self, and others, over time, through teleological thinking as another colleague has offered, we will manifest our intentions deliberately without settling for the “safe and secure” status quo of the masses.

In common wealth,