It is the eve of the annual festive tradition with a religious and commercial theme, Merry Christmas!  In the spirit of giving I am sitting down to share with you, a small, but loyal group of readers, some of my thoughts and insights as I’ve endeavored to do on a regular basis for this epic year of transformation.  It is cold outside, although the grass is green in contradiction to the season, by all accounts hats and scarves and gloves will be appropriate.  The long-term forecast calls for wintry conditions ahead, and so climate change is taking a backseat, for now.

I have been reflecting on the stark contrast of my life in comparison to this  time a year ago.  I owned a house, shared it with a spouse and a canine, had a tree set up and decorated, although my marriage at the time was on the brink of collapse.  We exchanged gifts in the morning and went separate ways from there, she to her mother’s house for dinner and I to my folks’ house where I’ve sat down to dine every year since birth.  Tomorrow will be the 40th of such holiday gatherings for me and I wonder how much longer shall the streak continue?

So here I am alone holed up in this modest ranch near the lake with so much less to my name, and yet so much more room in my heart to dream and create.  As I embrace the space I feel the energy shift from melancholy to gratitude opening up even more space to expand going forward.  I am enriched by the abundance of like-minded beings in my path, from distant allies connected via the social network, to dear family and friends with whom I celebrate life on a regular basis.  I am so blessed to be alive at this juncture in the unfolding mystery as a human becoming.

In common wealth,