I logged on this morning with a notification from WordPress wishing me a Happy Anniversary as it has been one year since I created this account.  I had forgotten when I signed up and in retrospect I am left to wonder what my intentions had been at the time for doing so.  It wasn’t until nearly a week later that I was terminated from my job and this blog became an outlet for processing the ensuing upheaval, personally and professionally.  In any event, I am amazed that a year has transpired and what a long, strange and inspiring trip it’s been in terms of my awareness, growth and understanding, truly a quantum leap year of transformation.

Snow fell overnight and continues to gently fall to the ground on a wintry Saturday.  Today will be carved out for rest and recharge, likely spilling over into tomorrow as well.  The muscle spasm in my back is lessening after several sessions in Matt & Amy’s massage chair yesterday afternoon.  From The Barn we migrated out to Alden to visit our friend Anshin, along with her son Uriah and his girlfriend Maria, on their gorgeous 35 acre homestead.  Since my last visit well over a year ago they had converted the garage into a recreation room and upgraded the barn and garden.  Anshin clipped some fresh parsley buried in snow for the guacamole as Matt & I shot a couple of games of billiards.

I departed before dinner to make my way downtown for a hockey game pitting the Rochester Amerks against the Lake Erie Monsters.  My brother had purchased a pair of tickets for me as a Christmas gift, and we sat together with his girlfriend in the club level just behind the goaltender providing for an excellent vantage point to take in the AHL action.  My companion Sonya had been to just 1 game previously and so I did my best to explain some of the rules after the puck was dropped.  We enjoyed engaging conversation throughout the contest including her experiences in Italy and Mexico working on a farm and teaching, as well as her music career as a member of an eclectic ensemble, Clandestina Y La Raza Cósmica, featuring Latin American covers dating as far back as the 1700’s.  It was a fun outing despite my exhaustion as the PA announcer declared a record crowd of over 19,000 fans in attendance.

In common wealth,