So here we are the final day of a year that will go down in the books as one of immense upheaval, transition and transformation, with a dash of hyperbole sprinkled in for good measure.  The Mayans did not descend from the heavens to reclaim their ancient civilization; however, there has been uprisings and tragic events reminiscent of such a cataclysm, within and without.  It feels a bit anti-climatic on this chilly winter morning, although I am grateful for this space to reflect and ponder.  According to WordPress my blog totaling 185 posts had been viewed nearly 4,700 times over the past year, and just 600 had reached the summit of Mt. Everest in the same span.  I appreciate those who have been following this metaphysical journey and taking from it inspiration for their own.

My stomach is growling despite putting down copious glasses of fluids, and I have one of my favorite meals on tap, buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.  Among my goals for 2013 are consuming fewer calories as I endeavor to chisel up my 6′ 3″ frame.  Physically speaking I am more interested in alleviating any nagging injuries, namely my knee, which has shown improvement in recent weeks with additional down time.  If I am to be “farm strong” some lifestyle changes are in order, although nothing extreme is necessary as I have managed to keep my 40 year-old body in decent shape over the years.  As Dr. Colin Campbell suggests in his book, The China Study, “Eat food.  Mostly plants. Not too much.”

Heading into 2013 my main focus is getting out of my own way and tuning in more to “signal” while filtering out “noise.”  There are numerous distractions and extraneous time fillers to fritter away the hours in an offhand way.  If I’m going to achieve any sort of legacy in this life I feel as though this is my one last shot at it.  The alternative of leading a life unfulfilled scares me, and fear is just noise.  I do experience loneliness out here at the lake, and find that if I isolate myself for too long a stretch I dip into sadness.  The game plan for today is meeting up with Angela to discuss the landscape venture for next season, then lobster dinner with family and finally bringing in the new year with my favorite peeps at The Barn.  I really am blessed and excited for what’s to come.

In common wealth,