I am contending with a bit of a sleep deficit following an intimate evening gathering with close friends to ring in this new calendar year 2013.  It was 2 am by the time our celebration concluded and perhaps a champagne malaise interfered with my transition to slumber on the sofa at The Barn.  We had been seated at the kitchen table, Matt, Amy, Shawn, Karen and myself nibbling on delicious fare raising a toast when midnight arrived to signal the beginning and an end at once.  Shortly thereafter, we migrated upstairs for some karaoke with Evanescence, The Beatles, Mac Davis and Neil Young hits sung in a festive, if not off-key fervor.  There was abundant discourse on weapons of mass dissonance, and the farm vision, aptly dubbed The Farmacy, where food is thy medicine.  I shared a belated birthday gift with Amy, a beginner’s loom kit complete with tools and supplies to craft potholders, and other nifty designs.  There was no better place or group of folks to be surrounded by for a most special New Year’s Eve.

Prior to the gathering at The Barn I had enjoyed what has recently become an annual New Year’s Eve tradition of surf and turf dinner hosted by my folks.  The house was filled with family and friends as 20 of us sat down to feast on lobster, sushi, crab legs, steak and venison with green salad and baked potato sides.  As if the hors d’hoeuvres table was not enough to fill the belly, where many of the men had congregated to discuss the firing of Buffalo Bill’s head coach Chan Gailey, and speculation about the future of the franchise for next season and beyond.   I had to lay down at one point, likely from indulging in too many of the rich and creamy apps before the main course.  My brother-in-law was glued to his phone keeping up on the latest Twitter feeds regarding the Bills and the fiscal cliff negotiations.  Cigars were being smoked outside as a pair of red-hot grills provided searing heat for the meat.

When I got back to the house this morning I was a bit disconcerted when I happened upon a closed bedroom door.  I never shut the bedroom doors, and after knocking, opened it up expecting to perhaps find someone stretched out on the bed.  Sure enough the room was empty.  Still perplexed, I played with door to determine if some sort of air flow could nudge it shut.  It would certainly require a forceful phenomenon to sweep by the corner of the bed, graze the comforter and fully engage the jamb.  Twilight Zone sort of weird.  I considered perhaps a ghost, or spirit, of the wife who had passed away resulting in the surviving husband to put the house on the market.  I could imagine the loneliness he experienced once she was gone, and the impetus to move on with his life.

And so here we are 010113 opening us to higher energies as life continues to evolve.  All of my loose and extraneous ends from the previous year have been tied and with it a large space to create anew.  In the void I am at once intimidated and in awe at the possibilities for what lies ahead.  There are a slew of college bowl games on today, and a soak in the tub is in tall order, perhaps after a stroll down to the water for a ceremony to welcome in the new year.  I’d like to dive back into my You Can Farm book as well.  Today will be a quiet and contemplative sort of day.  Thank you Creator.

In common wealth,