I just read a blog post by my sister regarding the adoption and I must say I was quite moved by her heartfelt words of despair and gratitude.  She shared the heartbreak of letting go of the dream of giving birth to a conceived child as the imminent reality of embracing another woman’s baby sinks in.  The grieving process is an integral component of the human experience, which can lead to defeat or redemption depending upon how it is endured.  My sister is an inspiring example of the latter pushing on to motherhood in spite of emotional upheaval.  It is turning out to be a very healing journey for her and a catalyst for an increased capacity to love.  I am proud to be this young woman’s brother and even more honored to serve in the role as Godfather for the child.

Today was productive in terms of errands, including return of a purchase, acquisition of a couple new articles of clothing, lunch with a friend and coffee with another after a manscaping appointment.  The only thing on my list left unaccomplished was an oil change as the shop had a 2 hour backlog in its service bays.  While I am pushing 5,000 miles since the last change, it can wait a few more days.  The highlight of the day is clearly reading Erinn’s blog post and it is a triumph of sorts in how we’ve grown closer through adulthood.  I harbored some guilt for mistreatment of her as a child, teasing older brothers can leave hurts that linger unresolved for a lifetime.  I’m now the older brother who cheers for her on the sidelines and makes it a point to be part of her life.  It truly is amazing grace, how sweet the sound…

In common wealth,