As you may have noticed I have not made an entry in this Daily Log 2012 for several days following an introspective weekend.  Yesterday I frittered away the hours intermittently watching football whilst contending with a bit of a tummy ache.  Today feels different, like the closing of a chapter and start of a new one.  And not simply because it was one year ago to the date that I made my initial entry in this web log, rather, it is as if a good deal of psychic debris, or baggage has dissolved freeing me up as a clearer vessel to harness creative energies.  I feel a strong sense of guidance to take better care of myself, my body vehicle in particular.

I finally heard back from the recruiter who had brought me in over a month ago for an informal conversation regarding the opportunity to recruit “wicked smart dudes” for large, multimillion dollar contracts in finance and human resource management.  As I suspected he indicated that they decided to go in a “different direction” seeking someone with experience in the industry.  I appreciate the follow-up as it is a pet peeve when someone does not get back to me, whether it be a personal or professional matter.  I am going to reply in kind thanking him for doing so.  It is a bit of a letdown, but I know it simply means I am destined for even greater things.

Space continues to open up for me, metaphysically speaking.  I requested information on self-publishing as I contemplate the prospect of converting a year’s worth of blogs into something worthy of circulation.  It would be an enormous undertaking to endeavor as a published author, certainly as one attaining any degree of notoriety for sharing something meaningful with readers beyond the arcane.  While a New York Times bestseller would not be necessary to feel accomplished, the honor would surely reflect propensity of purpose.  When I consider some of the books that served as catalysts on my journey- Ishmael, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Boomeritis, The Alchemist to name just a few- to be among such a class of writers would be like a dream come true.

Today I have some scheduled maintenance for my vehicle and my body vehicle.  The plan is to get an oil change and tire rotation while getting a massage.  From there I may go meet a lady prospect for coffee, otherwise I am headed to my folks’ house for dinner followed by the BSC Championship game pitting The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame against The Crimson Tide of Alabama, in what is being billed as one of the more intriguing matchups in years.  Raised as an Irish Catholic there is no question where my allegiance lies; however, I will be most interested in watching a hard-fought battle on the grid-iron between players who play with class and sportsmanship, rather than taunting and showboating.   Go Irish!

In common wealth,