Sitting down to compose is becoming increasingly intermittent since completion of the 1 year cycle for this daily log.  A January thaw is underway with the remnant snows of Euclid all but melted off as a light rain falls.  I have been experiencing an intense energy in recent days, perhaps the creative chi stirring up within, and it kept me awake until the wee hours.  Despite the sleep deficit I feel strangely rested, although my preference is for a longer duration.  I wonder if perhaps by challenging myself to hone in on “signal” and tune out “noise” I have challenged the spirit in such a way as to amplify its chatter.  I find that in going with the flow, rather than resisting what is, makes for a much more pleasing experience in this life.

There is much upheaval and movement taking place, doors closing and opening.  I have a new employment opportunity on the radar in technical recruiting with an organization I had made contact with years ago.  The president of the company just replied to my email asking me to explain in “one sentence and then 3 words” what I am seeking to do and what are my requirements.  I will have to give this some thought before replying as it is a most poignant question worthy of a clear, concise response.  Incidentally, my mission statement is three words, “Inspire. Empower. Educate.”

Among a rhythm and pattern in my life is when starting something new invariably I flounder before quickly scaling the learning curve to excel at the new skill or endeavor.  I have seen this in numerous professional roles, and even considering how it matches in my love life.  I have a tendency to mess up in new romantic acquaintances, whether it may be coming on too strong too soon, or saying the wrong thing at the worst moment.  And so while I have failed miserably once in marriage, I am confident I will succeed with grace should there be another opportunity, and it is my intuition there shall be.  Same goes for my career path at this crossroads, the next thing I invest myself fully into with heart and soul is certain to flourish!

The weekend ahead is chock full of social engagements beginning with a potluck dinner party in Hamburg this evening, then my sister and her husband are coming out with some friends to crash the house for a night and on Sunday I’ve got plans to hang at The Barn where I’ve not visited since the start of this blessed new year.  These are indeed times for amazing new possibilities in all areas of our lives and we need only to let go and embrace the acceleration of creative flow.  The escalation of the ascension process bodes unfavorably for some at this juncture.  It is the meek who are flexible and adaptable choosing stewardship over dominion, and thus shall reap the enormous inheritance of this earth.


What are you intentions for manifestation on this first new moon of 2013?

In common wealth,