The January thaw has been replaced with colder air as more seasonable temps set in for the remainder of the week ahead.  The weekend was certainly one filled with shenanigans from takeout Chinese with a few friends on Friday evening to a late night of football, card games and outdoor grilling on Saturday, and wrapping up with a gathering at The Barn on Sunday.  It was nice to have my sister out to visit and host some of her entourage.  I stayed up way past my normal bed time whilst enjoying the company of fellow revelers, including an epic midnight cruise along the water on the quads with the neighbors.  It was a wonderful break in the routine of solitude for me out here, although I am once again finding a preference for the quiet and restful space it offers.

Despite the exhaustion from a sleep deficit I managed to enjoy a fun and productive day gathered at The Barn where we discussed the farm vision more in-depth, coming up with the working name of “Beyond The Barn” for now.  There was talk of a food label for our designer line of Quiche, made from cage-free and wild fed eggs, called “Choke The Chicken.”  We of course laughed wholeheartedly at the ridiculous play on words, “Funny and a little inappropriate” as one friend suggested.  We managed to draw the attention of the Buffalo Fire Department with an attempt to clear the backyard of woody debris, the billowing smoke resulting a in a call from a concerned neighbor.  Fortunately, the 3 firefighters who responded were quite friendly and understanding, asking only that we immediately douse the flames and cease from future incidences.  It was yet another omen to relocate out to more rural parts as soon as possible with love and goodness to all concerned.  The worms got fed a fresh slurry of veggie compost and we assembled a new heated water bucket for the 5 beautiful hens currently yielding 5 eggs daily.

Opportunities are coming my way increasingly, including jobs, volunteering and business.  I can feel myself honing in on my purpose as I ramp up my efforts toward fulfillment of a Personal Legend.  I will need to be clear on what actions are high priority toward this aim, and which are merely deterrent in nature, “noise” as it were.  I have a lead on volunteering this summer for a greenhouse project at a local CSA.  There is also an opportunity to get some of my writing published in a compilation piece of sorts.  The pace is quickening and there is some slight anxiety with the escalation of activity, personally and professionally.  I am going to head down to the water to clear my head and go for a walk.

In common wealth,