I am recovering from the effects of one too many pints of brew last evening at O’Neill’s Stadium Inn where I met up with a former supervisor to catch up at a happy hour.  We had been attempting to hook up for several weeks and finally the stars aligned.  He is someone I respect immensely and remain grateful for crossing paths briefly at my former employer.  We talked shop about personal and professional matters, including the many coaching changes in the NFL, his wife’s voracious appetite for social media and nagging body injuries, a meniscus for me and rotator cuff for he.  After several rounds he left me at the bar as my chicken salad wrap was served, but not before handing him my 401k statement to conduct an analysis for investment options.

I thought I might duck out of there after devouring my supper; however, my friend Laney continued to fill my pint glass and insisted I stick around until the end of her shift.  She invited me over to a booth in the back of the restaurant to chat privately as she tallied up her tips.  I wasn’t sure what to make of her intentions until she let me know that she had missed my company and was “angry” that I had “disappeared.”  I was a bit surprised, although flattered at once that she valued my presence as much.  I explained that I was sorting through some of my emotions following the divorce, and also wanted to give her space following a break-up of a long-term relationship.  She was upset because she has since initiated a new romance and is really happy thus far.  Her new man actually showed up shortly thereafter and we had a few moments to chat.  It could have been an awkward moment, but I did not allow for that to happen.  Instead we talked sports for a few minutes before calling it a night.  I had a smile knowing that everything is in perfect order, even when a window of opportunity closes, invariably another opens.

Prior to happy hour I had the pleasure of interviewing for a potential position with a small recruiting firm.  I sat down with the owner and his senior consultant to discuss what they’re looking for and whether or not I may be of service to them.  Bill and Jeff are outstanding individuals, and turns out I had met Jeff years ago when he was head hunting for another firm.  Bill shared with me his need for someone who can work alongside he and Jeff in a hybrid role with tasks ranging from researching and updating the candidate database, to social media marketing assistance for his wife’s recently opened Bikram Yoga studio.  What I really liked is that Bill was not just interested in giving me a job, rather he wanted to know what inspires me and if what they do in his company would match my personal mission.  It was an awesome conversation that we left at scheduling a day next week to come in and get a feel for a “day in the life” working with the team.

In common wealth,