One year ago I was recovering from the shock of losing my job and marriage in a one-two punch utilizing this summer home as a retreat of sorts whilst dismantling the life I’d built.  It was a mild winter allowing me to access the beach and experience the healing power of the lake.  This winter has offered a similar reprieve with an unseasonable pattern portending of climate change.  However, today we picked up about one half-foot of fluffy white stuff with temps forecast to plummet further into single digits over the next few days.  NHL hockey has resumed after a long lockout as the Buffalo Sabres look to start the abbreviated season 2-0 with a win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I am grateful for the warmth of this sanctuary as I continue to reorganize and prioritize.

The snow fell while I was out and about running errands, including a massage and trip to the grocery store, but not before spending a couple of hours in an audition of sorts with a prospective employer.  Bill had me sit with his senior researcher Jeff to review his process for targeting, identifying and updating top talent in a candidate database for their clients.  I had just barely got a grasp of what he does in his role before Bill sent me a few leads of my own to get a hands-on feel for a day in the life.  I was reminded of a rhythm and pattern for jobs in my life where I am often thrust into something new with little to no training.  Fortunately, I’ve become so accustomed to the trend that I just went with it despite the anxiety picking up the phone and dialing a prospective candidate using the phone voice that had secured countless enrollments as an admissions advisor.  Rachel, a phlebotomist, did not answer and so I left her a brief voice mail enthusiastically proposing a new career opportunity should she be open to exploring.

Following the trial run Bill sat down with me explaining that he had spoken to some people who know me and vouched for my ability.  I was of course curious  to know with whom he spoke, but did not inquire.  Clearly, the Universe is conspiring in my favor.  He  said the ball is in my court should I be “excited” about coming aboard.  I told him that I’d be in touch tomorrow, and I am surely leaning toward accepting his verbal offer.  Details of compensation package and the like need to be hammered out.  I am feeling some residual emotion arise, perhaps stimulating latent cellular memory as it has been over a year now since I’ve been employed.  In filing my weekly claim for UI benefits I was notified that my benefit year has expired, and so the serendipity of it all is amplified.

The last few days have been challenging to say the least.  The documentary film premier was quite the heartfelt evening and a reminder of the immense collateral damage from those who experience the trauma of war.  Dog-sitting for the neighbors has turned into a much greater responsibility with a roofing job gone awry.  I’ve dealt with a scam artist strung out on pain killers while posing as a contractor and managed to hire some other guys to clean up after the mess he left following the high winds from a cold front that passed through yesterday.  The tarp and ice shield tore away leaving the wood exposed until a the guys worked after dark last night to patch it back up.  Now we’re waiting on a couple of estimates from actual contractors to finish the job, although the weather is not cooperating.  To compound matters I had locked the keys in their house this morning, and thankfully was able to jimmy the door open with a putty knife.  My neighbors vacationing in Mexico have learned a costly lesson in business and home ownership.  I told them to enjoy the sand and surf as much as they can until they return by week’s end.

In common wealth,