So I have accepted a job offer as a researcher/ lead generation specialist for the recruiting firm, pending specifics of the compensation package.  Bill replied to my email yesterday afternoon indicating he had a few things that require his immediate attention and would be in touch with details.  Temps remain well below the freezing mark hovering in the teens and I have the Grateful Dead playing on my phone, Greatest Story Ever Told.  The mixed emotions I had whilst mulling over the opportunity have subsided, and in his email Bill concurred that it appears to be a “win-win” scenario to bring me aboard the team.  It is almost surreal to consider a regular gig after a one-year hiatus.  I’m eager and apprehensive to step into a new role, which is quite normal when it comes to starting something new.

And as I prepare to embark upon new beginnings, I find myself reflecting upon the past a bit, like a sailor gazing at the shore as the ship cuts loose from its mooring.  Now Ripple from a show in 1980 streams from the mobile device and I am thinking of the winter 2004 when I had recently moved into my aunt and uncle’s 2 bedroom upper apartment.  I was helping a buddy remodel a house he was flipping on a part-time basis, borrowing a friend’s spare 1985 Dodge Ram to get around town and launching an e-commerce venture that never blossomed.  My business partner at the time had some acreage in Wyoming County with a sugar shack, and I helped him gather buckets of maple sap to boil down for syrup.  My life had recently dismantled, much like it had earlier last year, although there was no marriage or even a long-term relationship to dissolve.  It is an ebb and flow with which I’ve become familiar and have learned to use as a tool for reinvention and evolution.

A Pink Floyd tune comes to mind, “Remember when you were young…you shone like the sun…”  I think back to adolescent and carefree days on a lazy afternoon as the sun streams through an open window and a warm breeze wafting through the bedroom.  I feel tears well up as I type taking me way back to the college years where possibilities appeared to be endless and dreams abounding.  I realize at this ripe, or mature age of 40 I have an opportunity to continue simplifying my life as I expand into the fullness of who I am.  In so doing, the simple things like a warm breeze and sparkling rays of the sun which had once been taken for granted, now become the essence of a life on purpose.  I give thanks  that I am able to enrich the world as I serve in a greater capacity to give and receive love.

In common wealth,