I am listening to Phish in between periods of the Sabres’ game as they attempt to start the season 3-0 verses the Carolina Hurricanes, the erstwhile Hartford Whalers.  UI benefit year has indeed expired and after contacting a labor service rep I was advised to file a new claim.  Bill emailed me an offer letter along with a non-compete clause and pushed back the start date to February 15th as we investigate whether or not we qualify for a job training grant via the DOL.  In filing the new claim there was a reprise of residual emotion, specifically when completing a questionnaire seeking details of the termination.  I was reminded how “wrong” I felt like a little boy busted by an authority figure for being naughty. Getting caught is a rhythm and pattern that has brought about immense discomfort and upheaval at various intervals, and with it profound transformation as I rewrite the script in my psyche.

Shortly before sunset I ventured down to the water and came upon a white desert with barely a breeze across the silent icy plain.  The adventurer in me was drawn out onto the pack ice, although cautiously proceeding despite what appeared to be solid footing beneath my boots.  A few hundred yards from shore the berms created by the splash of waves beckoned me to explore what lay beyond.  I was but a hundred feet away when my right foot sunk into a slushy substrate, my heart rate immediately spiking as I calmly did an about-face heading back to shore.  I gave thanks for the gentle sign to avert a more dangerous fate, and gave thanks again that I am humble enough to heed such a sign.  Just a few short days ago those waves had been rolling up onto the sandy beach.  Off to my right the sun began its daily descent below the horizon with cumulus clouds scattered against a deep blue backdrop.

I am ramping up my social media activity adding a Pinterest account to the fold, presumably taking baby steps toward developing some sort of internet marketing income stream.  I just participated in a webinar on the subject and functionality of pinning f or branding and driving web traffic, perhaps a useful strategy at some point as I endeavor to publish a treatise of sorts on the vicissitudes of life in the uber-evolving digital age.  It could all be moot and I may simply post to this web blog until the cows come home, and this would be quite alright by me.  So long as I know there are others who derive some value from my words my mission is fulfilled.

In common wealth,


the heart tends to shine when there is equal measure safety and freedom…