Last night I met up with my peeps at The Barn and we carpooled over to a friend’s cozy home in Kenmore for the bi-weekly Eckhart Tolle gathering.  Following a delicious, nutritious potluck featuring Amy’s flatbread pizza with a gluten-free crust and Char’s homemade chicken vegetable soup we entered into a brief meditation.  I was reminded just how nourishing it is to sit in silence and focused awareness of the breath, particularly in the solidarity of other like-minded souls.  The evening had an added significance with our dear friend Laura set to depart for New York City where she intends to grow her career as an actress.  We had all signed a card and it was obvious as she read the words scribed therein, it had elicited an emotional response.

For the evening’s feature presentation we viewed an interview of the master Tolle by Google before an audience of its employees.  Over the course of better than hour he answered several questions with an emphasis on awakening and presence.  It was especially refreshing that a major publicly traded company would host one who espouses the practice of “being” as an essential balance to all the “doing” in the high-tech, fastidious modern world.  When asked if he views information technology as a beneficial or detrimental influence upon people’s lives he clarified that it could be either/or, depending on the intention of the user.  Tolle delighted in the possibility for technology to accelerate the awakening of the masses, before warning us that we could be “consumed” by its stimulation.  He suggested just a few conscious breaths throughout the course of a day to practice awareness of that space within us where the kingdom reigns.  It provides an interruption of constant analytical stimuli while at the same time getting us in touch with who we really are, which is not our sensory perceptions, thoughts or feelings.

Following conclusion of the Tolle group we migrated back to The Barn and enjoyed a nightcap with red wine and more insightful conversation.  I shared how my body has been aching, presumably from inflammation incited by toxicity, and feeling the need for a detox regimen.  I also commented on the lack of physical activity in comparison to the landscape season, and the inordinate amount of “down time” since the advent of the new year.  I’m eager to engage myself more in service, predominately through my new employment, while also continuing to contribute to the unfurling farm vision.  So we scheduled an official meal and meeting for Friday evening before calling it a night.  I’m in charge of dessert and going to attempt homemade pecan pie.

In common wealth,