I’m shaking off just a bit of a malaise following a record turnout for the annual Super Bowl at the Compound hosted by my sister and her husband.  There were easily over 100 people milling about and 2 large screen TV’s inside a heated party tent replete with a dedicated room for serving up the grub.  Despite a valiant comeback effort the Baltimore Ravens held on to beat a young and spirited San Francisco 49’er squad 34-31.  The battle of the Harbaugh brothers went favored the elder of the two with John leading his Ravens to their second world championship in franchise history.  There were some questionable calls, or no calls, as  the zebra crew clearly opted to allow the two teams to take an aggressive approach to their respective game plans.  The thrill of victory and agony of defeat reaches a climax in such gridiron fashion with thousands of fans in simultaneous celebration and grieving.

The fatigue is the result of a cumulative effect beginning several days ago indulging in alcoholic beverages whilst watching the Buffalo Sabres knock off the division-leading Boston Bruins.  The following day I took a couple of ibuprofen to assuage a headache, something I do quite infrequently, before migrating to The  Barn where we gathered to continue development of the farm vision over a Thanksgiving meal of sorts.  After filling up on mighty portions of homemade goodness (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pecan pie) and a litany of humorous quips followed by raucous laughter, I returned home braving a snowstorm.  The following morning I cleaned and prepared for my brother to come out and assist me with installing a garbage disposal we’d purchased as a Christmas gift for my folks.  It turned into an all day ordeal with electrical snafus and multiple trips to the local hardware store.  Just this morning I addressed a stubborn leak in the drain and all systems appear to be operational.

Forging ahead in spite of sub par energy levels I managed to execute a rollover of my lingering 401k into a traditional IRA, compliments to my former supervisor and now financial planner.  Several loads of laundry have also been completed and an overdue haircut restoring me to that clean-cut look I’ve been rocking for most of my adult life.  I am enjoying this remaining time and space before the new gig starts two weeks from today.  I have a few remaining “projects” to tackle in the interim, including overdue maintenance on my truck, filing taxes and most importantly getting myself physically, mentally and spiritually focused for this exciting new saga ahead.  It can appear that nothing is happening and all of a sudden doors fly open, sometimes just keeping the faith and a little extra patience is all we need to exercise.

In common wealth,