It is a bright day filled with sunshine, albeit crisp temperatures reminding us that it is very much still winter.  Winter Storm Nemo blasted the east coast dumping several feet of wind-driven snow upon cities from New York on up to Portland, while we here in western New York State have been spared with just a few inches.  It is the time of year when folks endure cabin fever and long for the spring thaw.  Still, we are well below average in terms of seasonal snowfall and other than an arctic blast a few weeks ago it has been a most tame rendition for the second consecutive year.  The Labatt pond hockey tournament was interrupted once again with slushy ice resulting in refunds for all of the teams entered.  There is little doubt a pattern change is under way, even if relatively minor in its influence.

I just enjoyed a piping hot and spicy bowl of vegan chili I had whipped up yesterday.  While I am not a vegetarian I most certainly consider myself a vegophile.  The fresh chili pepper seems to be addressing a slight headache, presumably from one too many beverages last evening whilst watching the Buffalo Sabres hang on to defeat the New York Islanders 3-2.  I had the pleasure of making a new acquaintance, Father Malcolm, a former Army Ranger now serving the 98th division’s spiritual needs.  He was in town to visit friends, including my neighbors, as we sat down to dine and imbibe for several hours over raucous laughter.  It was a first for me engaging in such debauchery with a man of the cloth and boy can he put away the booze.  I abstained from several rounds of shots, although did join in for one celebratory “pickleback”, a shot of Jameson chased with pickle juice.  He also coaxed me into joining him for a “red beer”, a pint of beer mixed with tomato juice, evidently a Montana thing, where he was born and bred.

I haven’t posted an entry in several days and there has been much taking place including the skills gap analysis with the Department of Labor, a second coffee “date” with a female friend and insightful conversation, an overnight gathering at The Barn where we sketched out a proposal and budget to raise 100 pastured broilers come spring and a run-in with an off-duty State Trooper at a local bank.  Later today I have dinner plans with my parents, sister and brother-in-law.  I am reminded of just how abundant I am when it comes to the quantity and quality of loved ones in my life.  I circulate among many different types of people and walks of life, navigating among communities within the whole of this earthly realm.  As we awaken to fear-based consciousness we begin the journey of outgrowing the need to conform or rebel, and enter into communion.

In common wealth,