I’m enjoying Neil Young’s Long May You Run streaming my phone as I still do not have speakers for this desktop.  Earlier today I got a couple doses of  “bad news”, the first being that my laptop has been diagnosed with a faulty motherboard, and thus not worth the cost of repair given its 8 year run.  Secondly, I received word from the American Council of Education that I need an additional year of supervised experience in a health-related field to be eligible to sit for their certification exam.  I had submitted my college transcript along with a letter from Dr. Z, for whom I’d been leading group resistance band training classes since last summer.  So that idea is shelved for the time being.  As for the laptop I posted it on Craigslist to sell for parts.  I’m having the technician pull the data from the hard drive for me and hope to cover part of their fee with proceeds from the sale.

Syracuse is battling Marquette in a late season Big East battle as an experimental pot of butternut squash lentil soup chock full of sauteed veggies is simmering on the stove top.  I dealt with a sluggish fatigue for about the last hour and a half at work this afternoon and am thinking eating a lighter meal at lunch will serve to abate these episodes.  I’m working my first account conducting a search for a candidate in the Bay area with 3-5 years enterprise software sales experience, meeting an annual quota at or exceeding $1M in revenue for an early-stage, privately held, Software as a Service (Saas) Boston-based company.  They are pioneers in the space offering an online appointment scheduling interface primarily in the big box retail, big bank and education verticals.  I have a few prospects identified as potential candidates and if I can influence a deal, meaning someone I source ends up getting hired and sticks for 30 days, I’ll receive a generous bonus at the end of Q1.  I realize it is unlikely that I get a base hit on my first at-bat in the big leagues, although I am certainly not ruling out the possibility.  The bonus would be enough to buy a higher-end laptop replacing the fallen Toshiba.

And so the focus continues to be on this transition to the farm lifestyle, or “farm strong” as I like to call it.  Regular exercise and a diet of predominately whole, nutrient-dense and unadulterated foods is top priority at this juncture.  I made it home from work in time to catch the sunset, despite stopping on the way to get a haircut.  I realized I hadn’t visited my mistress of the lake in a meaningful way in many weeks.  This time of year the spirit becomes restless as daylight slowly increases leading up to the summer solstice.  Folks are eager to be outdoors in  their gardens and parks and beaches.  I could really sense it yesterday whilst conducting a demo for the Joe D Bands at a health fair.  About 20 people eager to lean up and feel good listened attentively as I showed them the full body workout that is possible for all ages and levels in just 20 minutes or less.  I really felt aligned with my purpose in those 30 minutes and am grateful to be on this path.  The farm is not so much a way of doing as it is a way of being.

In common wealth,