The last few days have seen something of a throwback to my early college years with late night debauchery over the weekend resulting in one tuckered out dude contending with a nasty stomach ache.  It is finally settling down after copious cups of lemon ginger tea, some healthy food and a does of apple cider vinegar.  I asked the boss if I could leave early and make up the hours on the weekend, to which he agreed.  It is a blessing to have some flexibility on the job.  Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day intermittently nodding off and toughing out some wicked stomach cramps.  I can only surmise that it is inflammation as a direct result of my behavior, including an awful lack of sleep for two consecutive nights.  A wise friend did once say, “If you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough.”

The weekend kicked off innocently enough meeting up Friday after work with my sister, her husband, my cousin and my father to take in a Buffalo Bandit’s game.  Despite a valiant effort the good guys lost in Overtime to the Philadelphia Wings who came back from a 4 goal deficit to steal a hard fought win on the road.  After the game I was invited back to my sister’s to continue the festivities, including a home brew of apple pie moonshine made by my brother-in-law that was passed around sipping from a mason jar whilst playing on the Kinect.  I won the 100 meter dash, but came in last at bowling.  I did a rather sweet rendition of Lady Gaga’s Po-po-po-pokerface, yet abstained from attempting Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  By the time the dust settled I wasn’t home in bed until 3 am, only to rise fairly early to grab some breakfast and head out the door.

My partner in epic crime, Ben and I vended at a girl’s night out party in Geneva.  He was marketing his nutritional weight loss shakes and I was doing demos with the Joe D Bands.  We had a decent response to our table, although being 2 of just 3 men in the room didn’t hurt our cause.  It quickly became clear that most of the women in attendance at the event were more about the ladies night out energy than anything to do with health and wellness as the booze was flowing.  The hours whizzed by and before long the dance floor was bumping with intoxicated women shaking their moneymakers.  At one point as I stood at the bar chatting it up with a pretty blonde serving up stiff ones, I was approached by a couple of ladies who insisted on pointing out the obvious, referring to me as a “weiner” in the room.  At another interval I was spanked on the behind, grabbed a couple of times and what I believe to be a beer bottle made contact.  The attention was a bit extreme, even for this bachelor.

Eventually we were politely asked to leave the banquet room as some of the ladies didn’t appreciate the weiners in the room.  Ben and I migrated to the hotel bar and continued to enjoy the plethora of female company.  Somehow we wound up crashing in the same bed with a pair of women.  While nothing sexual occurred, there was a paucity of sleep to be had as daylight soon poked through the curtains.  I felt like a truck had hit me and after several cups of coffee intermixed with water we got out of Dodge.  While it was technically a business trip, without a doubt there was pleasure mixed into the fold.  The whole affair took me back 20 years to a time in my life when there was minimal responsibility and maximum trouble to be had.

And so here I am late on a Monday evening logging into this web log once again reflecting on the transition from one lifestyle to the next.  As much as I may enjoy the freedom and stimulation of being a bachelor I feel ready to share my life in an exclusive way with a partner, a soul mate, or perhaps a twin flame.  In this regard I would embrace “settling down” to focus upon the healing and transformation journey with a mate.  I’ve been straddling two worlds, or perhaps universes for many years, and as Led Zeppelin once sang there’s still time to change the road you’re on.  To connect in mind, body and spirit is a precious and rare phenomena.  I do not require a partner for survival as I am a self-sufficient soul; however, to take my path to another level I do feel as though partnership is key.  I have learned and grown so much through relationship, embracing equally the challenge and support along the way.

In common wealth,