Feels so good to sleep, especially after the annual spring ahead last weekend disrupting normal routines for bedding down and arising in darkness.  To compound matters my plans for a relaxing night in had been thwarted when I discovered a 1 inch shard of metal had pierced one of my tires, resulting in an emergency trip to Pep Boys for service.  Make no mistake the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is uplifting in anticipation of warmer weather to come.  It has been a decidedly wintry pattern since temps spiked to near 70 several days ago with snow showers and sub-freezing temps replacing the spring teaser as we approach the annual celebration of the christian missionary from Rome who allegedly “drove the snakes” out of Ireland.  Tonight I will make my 3rd annual guest appearance working the door at a huge tent party in the village of Williamsville.  Tomorrow Buffalo will host the third largest St. Patrick’s Day parade celebration in the nation, behind only New York City and a distant suburb of the sprawling metropolis.  An erstwhile teenage slave Padraig became known as the Apostle of Ireland for his work converting the Irish to Christianity.  It remains a mystery why it is said he drove out the snakes, as there are no known species of snake on the Emerald Isle.  One theory is a reference to the Druids who were known to have tattoos of the serpent on their arms.

It has been quite a couple of weeks since I last posted here in this web log now spanning well into Q1 of 2013.  I have 4 weeks at the new gig under my belt and by all accounts things are unfolding progressively as I learn a new industry.  I realize I am in an apprenticeship role with one of the best in the business as I listen in on many of Bill’s calls to both candidates and clients.  He has an uncanny ability to connect and relate to people on a professional and personal level, truly an intelligent dude who thinks on his toes.  He coached me after a call I made with a prospective candidate yesterday encouraging me to dig in a little deeper, even bullshit a bit more to develop rapport, something that comes natural to me and enabled me to excel as an admissions counselor.  The aim is to understand the person’s “why” for considering a move and how we may help them go from a “good spot” to a “great spot” in terms of their career path.  I love having a mentor, and I’ve had several on both a personal and professional basis as I’ve been practicing a spiritual path of growth in self-awareness and actualization.

While I’m not thrilled about sitting at a desk 8 hours a day, their is a learning curve that is engaging my mind in such a way as to enhance function, not only taking in immense amounts of data, but interpreting it in a meaningful way.  I am already gaining an appreciation of analyzing a candidate’s social media footprint, and when we have it, their resume to read between the lines.  Bill instructs to begin with their college graduation year, presuming they graduated, and if they didn’t then you already have something of a “red flag” as the majority of our clients prefer college-educated talented performers.  From there you look for the industries they’ve worked in, typically telecom and/or software for the profiles we search out, with some financial and retail often mixed in for good measure.  If they’ve been in the same vertical, or industry, for 10+ years without much growth in terms of sales quotas they are considered a “lifer”, which limits what we can do for them.  If they’ve had multiple short stints with a variety of employers (less than 3 years), it is also a red flag in terms of stability, although a pardon can be granted for those who happened to go through acquisitions, or perhaps personal challenges like death of a loved one, health complication or a divorce.  Bill has a knack for pulling out information that is not in print and I am learning this craft, which is invaluable when reaching out to initiate a fruitful dialogue with a candidate.  Sales is nothing more than identifying a value, or set of values in a candidate, and persuading them to take action.  And when you genuinely care about the outcome for all parties concerned you create win-win outcomes and never settle for less.

In other news of the bizarre and occult I’ve made acquaintance with a woman via a dating website and we have been on a couple of dates, including a lot of communication on the phone over the last several days.  It wasn’t until the night before last that we finally acknowledged the awkward truth in that we had crossed paths many years ago during an appearance on a reality TV show, Confessions of a Matchmaker.  When she had initially shared her name and a photo I was about 99% certain it was the same woman with whom I had been set up on a date for the so-called “reality show.”  I had been billed as the “perverted blogger”, and while I confess my blog back then did include more sultry details of my love life, it was far from the exaggerated spin for the purposes of shock value and ratings.  It was also far from the 50 Shades genre of composition.  The producers had coached us both in between tape, cajoling me to ramp up the innuendo to the point of completely offending my date, and upon return to the matchmaker for review of the date I was reamed out.  It was all quite comical and in retrospect I realize I have some acting skills.  Fortunately, all these years hence my counterpart understood that I was playing along as directed.

Yesterday, however, she sent me a text claiming that the distance between our current residences is simply too far to support a viable relationship.  While I agree with her that 48 miles is a bit of a haul, by no means would it be considered a long-distance gig.  It is my suspicion that she got scared as we have really dug in on a deep level in our correspondence, and though there has been no physical intimacy, the connection is strong.  Nonetheless, when two Libras come together you can expect that one or the other is going to flake out at some stage, ever the indecisive, free-spirits that we are by nature.  It’s funny in reflection of the whole thing as clearly something has come back around that was left undone.  During production the show was actually called “Find Love TV”,  not nearly as catchy a title for the entertainment sector, although much more endearing to aspiring romantics.  Perhaps she will reconsider her decision, or perhaps we’ve simply tied up a loose metaphysical end?  I wasn’t sold on a future together anyway, especially the farm vision, which is a major focal point for me.  The old me would fret and criticize and cogitate over the whole ordeal, whilst the new me understands that it aint nothing til you call it.  I’m in a good spot right now, and am only going to bust a move to a great spot.

In common wealth,