Despite a wicked wind chill with blowing snow on this the eve of the vernal equinox I made it outside for a Joe D Band workout, including an intermittent jog, the first time I’ve attempted a run since the end of last summer when I tore my meniscus.  It hasn’t bothered me of late as I’ve been stretching on a daily basis for several weeks now after an overly extended hiatus.  Tomorrow will be the true test of its strength against any latent soreness.  As I reflect back I remember how painful it had been requiring elevation and ice for a couple of weeks with limited range of motion.  Nothing motivates me more to take care of my body than when it is in disrepair.  Going forward I intend to be more proactive, and less reactive.

It was a sluggish day in the office fighting a chill for the better part of the afternoon.  I’m not sure if it has something to do with the paltry $2K we have on the board with just 8 days remaining in Q1 to secure placement fees.  The thermostat couldn’t have been a tick above 60 in the office.  After work I made it over to Verizon and was informed that I am not eligible until November for a promotional discount phone upgrade.  For those of you who have yet to hear I dropped my Droid into the port-o-potty at the tent party over the weekend (thankfully there were no terds deposited when I went to fish it out).   My wonderful neighbors have offered one of their used phones to replace mine, which I’ve been unable to resurrect after 3 days immersed in rice.  For those who may have text me in the interim this would explain why I haven’t responded.

After Verizon my next errand took me to Wegman’s to re-up on groceries, and I made my way to the cafe for a slice of veggie pizza to satiate my appetite.  As I sat down to dine I looked up at one of the televisions affixed to the wall and a news report was airing on this the 10th anniversary of the Iraqui War wherein Commander-in-Chief  George W. Bush ordered an invasion to oust then President Saddam Hussein.  The nation was still reeling from 9/11 collective PTSD and ripe for revenge.  Immediately I flashed back to that time in my life, a decade ago, recalling where I was and the circumstances hitherto.  I’d been living in a one bedroom apartment in Allentown, unemployed and without an automobile.  I walked once or twice weekly with an old backpack from college to the Lexington co-op for rations in a typical Buffalo winter.  I had been temping as a receptionist for an insurance firm nearby until they released me for challenging an irate customer.  I was not nearly as responsible for my thoughts and feelings back then having only just begun the practice.

And so here I am in a rebuilding, or reinventing phase once again in my life.  Seems to occur about every 10 years, give or take, and I’m curious what lies ahead as I, gulp, approach 50 in another decade.  But I will leave that up to the Universe and remain open to the mystery as I embrace what is right here and now.  We have only our intentions, or mission, in life to guide us, and if we don’t choose a purpose, we will live into one by default, often resulting in the victim role.  Any worthwhile endeavor in this human experience begins and ends with a mission.  Mine is to inspire, empower and educate toward self-actualization.  What is yours?

In common wealth,


“….Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost