So here I am on Good Friday laying low taking in NCAA tournament action whilst recuperating from yet another bout of gastroenteritis.  I have a theory that this second episode in a week is the result of contaminated wine, as it was a glass from the same bottle of Malbec prior to the onset on two consecutive occasions.  I’ve had a turkey sub for lunch and a piece of toast for my total repast over the last 48 hours.  I cannot say for certain the physical origin, and really the more penetrating question to ponder is why have I created this affliction in my path?  What is this disruption showing me in regards to my purpose?  I have been reflecting upon this intently and recall a wise teacher of mine once pointing out that when we get sick it is often a way of getting attention.  Over the last 10 plus years of my life I have rarely been sick, other than an occasional hangover from over-consumption of spirits.  And so I am reminded of the importance to nurture and give one self attention.  I had several invitations to come out for social functions this evening, yet I followed through by declining and restoring balance to self.  I already know I am the better for it.

Today marks the 30th day of employment at the new gig and it appears as though I’ve influenced my first “deal”, or hire, for a Boston-based client in the cloud-performance niche.  I spoke to the candidate Chris following his final interview with the CEO and from his perspective everything is in order for an offer.  He closed the interview asking for his start date and upon walking out with his future direct report, VP of Sales, he was all but certain he has it in the bag.  If in fact he does, it will result in a $1500  quarterly bonus for me, a small percentage of the $13K fee billable for the firm.  By all accounts it is win for all parties involved, and the monetary bonus is well, just a bonus.  Thirty days in I’ve had my share of doubts and struggles at times in this new role, although on the whole it has been a blessing in challenging me to review and refine my purpose.

About 8 years ago I had come up with a personal mission, or purpose, “To inspire, empower and educate.”  While this theme has been a guiding force in my path, both personally and professionally, I have at times deviated, or failed to remind myself on a sufficient basis to make it a habit.  In recent weeks I have been coaching a small group of select friends, or peers, on defining their life purpose.  This endeavor has upped the ante in terms of challenging me to become clearer on, and more aligned with mine.   I suspect the ensuing escalation of energies attuning my body vehicle to a higher vibration is also a contributing factor to the physiological imbalance of late.  And so wellness comes to mind, as does love, harmony and integrity, the so-called virtues of living a higher purpose than mere pursuit of material and earthly indulgences.  Hey it only took me 40 years to “get it”, and I’m looking forward to the next 40 delivering gifts too few will ever dare to open.

In common wealth,


True disruption means threatening your existing purpose and your past beliefs. Breakthrough purpose disrupts current ways of living.