I just got back from my first hike of the season down to Sturgeon Point and back.  The beach littered with fish having washed ashore perhaps months ago when the first arctic winds forged ice berms now dwindled to eroding statues mimicking animals.  After taking in the panoramic view of the lake atop the break wall I made my way back, pausing to assist a couple of sailors in loading an aluminum craft onto the trailer.  The pull cord had snapped when they were sitting at about 38′ depth seeking out a school of lake perch, and upon rowing to shore there they were dragging the boat across the sand just a few hundred yards from the launch.  Just as we parted ways a cold northerly gust blew at my back reminding me that we are just a few weeks removed from winter.  The lake was nearly still as glass and the blue horizon fading to black made me realize those fellas were fortunate to have made it ashore before nightfall.

I actually didn’t make it out for the stroll until after 7 pm following a power nap on the sofa.  I had been fighting heavy eyelids most of the day at work following a very full weekend celebrating birthdays and ramping up the landscape season with a few estimates.   Friday evening was an absolute blast at Ashker’s on Elmwood Ave replete with live music and a spread of healthy, delicious hors-d’oeuvres washed down with a smooth cab-sauvignon.  I made some new acquaintances, in particular a lovely gal with a glorious singing voice, and enjoyed an insightful conversation on matters of the heart.  Before I knew it hours had passed in the solidarity of beloved companions and I was making my way home from the city to the rural neck of the woods.  My brother-in-law’s 40th birthday extravaganza was the following evening, resulting in a much later than normal sleeping hour, and to cap it off my cousin Evelyn’s second birthday yesterday afternoon.

I came home last evening to the company of friends capping off a truly abundant, albeit exhausting 3 day run.  It was a fortuitous visit in that I had a 38″ John Deere lawn tractor to unload from the bed of my truck, which Matt and I managed quite nicely.  A stiff southwesterly breeze kept us from lighting a fire on the beach, and so we gathered in the cozy living room to talk as the sunlight waned.  We plotted many more such outings as the weather pattern shifts into more favorable conditions for outdoor festivities.  The beach season is a joyous time of year, in stark contrast to the solitude of the winter season when most folks fly south, or at the very least retreat to more densely populated neighborhoods.  The solitary refinement afforded me over the last several months is paying dividends.  I have renewed clarity and conviction of purpose and a mission in my life for the first time in many years, including statements of intent for each.

Purpose: To be alive as the unique expression of Creator I am.

Mission: To inspire, empower and inform with love and goodness to all concerned.

In common wealth,