This will go down in the books as a weekend of immense energetic output and purifying input.  The last 36 hours began with a gardening job in South Buffalo for a client I’ve had since 2011, a spring clean-up and replacement of yews with heather plants in full blossom.  Fishing my hands in and around rose bushes to prune dead wood and collect leaves left me scratched and bloodied.  I figure if we’re not proactively donating blood, some will be taken from us by default.  Linda was delighted by the finished product as a dark earthy premium mulch made the pink and white flowers in her front landscape “pop.”  A satisfied customer and a few extra dollars in my pocket set the stage for the remainder of the weekend as I made my way over to The Barn to collect some firewood before stopping back at home to clean-up, pack up and head south.

Upon arrival to Allegany State Park I was noticeably amped up in comparison to my friends who had been there since the day prior saturating and marinating in the natural bio-rhythms.  It took me a few hours to really settle down and just enjoy the moment seated by a roaring fire on a chill spring evening.  We had gathered a truck load of wood from what had fallen near the side of the road exerting significant energy with a very modest hand saw, designed for backpacking applications, to dice up the long limbs into burnable chunks.  There was a great deal of juvenile banter replete with laughter and total indulgence in the presence of high vibrational beings.  Our cabin on Kaiser trail was beside a babbling tributary and the sound of water rolling over rocks provided a steady background beat for the evening’s celebration in the moonlit forest.  We came up with a new philosophy for our farm vision, “Lower your expectations and up your game.”  In other words, set realistic goals and step up to the plate to see it through.  It was a hilarious insight supplied by Erin oozing with truth.

Before long I was nodding off seated by the fire and finally nestled into my mummy bag inside the cozy, wood-fired cabin for much needed slumber.  After several hours of deep sleep I arose to a smoldering camp fire, the remnants of a massive blaze that had been radiating heat to those gathered round.  Matt fired up the percolator and we enjoyed coffee as sunlight dappled through branches just beginning to break in bud.  Before long the women had rustled up a breakfast buffet and I happily fueled up on sustenance.   I could feel my body craving the nutrients and I made note that my knee had endured the intense physical activity of the previous day without any lingering pain.  My shoulders did burn a little, and yet still there seemed an unlimited reserve of energy.  We made our way to Thunder Rocks high in the Redhouse area of the park and I scaled up the outcrops of stone likely deposited thousands of years ago during the last glacial event.  I had last “bouldered” here nearly 20 years ago on a college club outing, and though my body is no longer an adolescent juggernaut, I felt strong and supple gripping small notches in the rock while propelling myself up to the top for a panoramic view.

I reflected upon purpose, and recognized my alignment with the unique expression of Creator I am.  I also thought about a talk I am scheduled to deliver for a group in a couple of weeks on the topic “Purpose is Power.”  I have about an hour time slot to fill and want to come up with something interactive for the audience.  Certainly, it will be my aim to have people go home with at least an appreciation for their life purpose, if not a clear understanding.  Originally, I have directed people interested in this spiritual practice to come up with 3 words as a primary step for distilling one’s life purpose, and eventually a mission statement.  Then it occurred to me there are 4 base pairs in DNA, as well as 4 directions and in most cafes tables seating 4 predominate the dining area.  And so now I am considering aligning this spiritual exercise with a scientific corollary, as purpose can be transformational, even to the point of re-arranging genetic material.

Upon arriving home I summoned more energy and proceeded to an epic cleaning blitz on the homestead including oil soap on the hardwood floors, full scrub down of all surfaces in the kitchen and bath, sweep and mop, before sauntering down to the lake to catch the sun just as the last sliver of shimmering light slipped below the horizon.  I marveled as the beach had been scoured clean by the advancing surge of the waves, leaving just a few of the dead fish that had littered the shoreline.  Among my “chores” on the docket for tomorrow after work are cleaning up trash on the 200 yard stretch of sand that we utilize for the summer.  I will need to mow the lawn for the first time this season at some point this week too.  Spring is for renewal, cleansing and growth emerging from dormant stems.  It is a productive season for the mind, body and spirit.

In common wealth,