The cessation of writing is a bit disconcerting, although I embrace the natural ebb and flow of the seasons.  Writing is a very personal endeavor and it can never be forced or contrived, as in a reality TV scene.  It must be inspired, and inspiration strikes without summon.  As the seasons turn, so does my heart, seeking its own level.

It is a Monday night and the first of a MNF double-header pitting the Philadelphia Eagles verses the Washington Redskins is under way featuring Chip Kelly’s debut with an offensive attack gutting the Skins D in the first half.  After a call with a prospective candidate I made it down to the beach for some reps using the Joe D Bands despite a passing shower.  The sun dipped below the low cloudy dome for a moment peering over the horizon as a distant, glowing orb.  I was disappointed I had left my camera back at the house as I moved through sets of upper body exercises.  Within just a few minutes it disappeared slipping behind layered misty masses of vapor.

Tomorrow I am set to work from home as something of a trial run to break up the monotony of the office flow.  It is a well-earned quality of life perk as my achievements eclipse that of more seasoned members of the team, in terms of revenue generated.  I take something of a fearless approach reaching out to cold call complete strangers in an attempt to drum up conversation toward a prospective career opportunity.  More often than not the efforts go unrewarded, yet I am reminded that to the persistent go the spoils.  Outside the tree frogs are serenading in a crescendo as humidity levels rise ahead of a warm front with temps forecast well into the 80’s tomorrow.  Life is good.

In common wealth,