It is the morning after another gathering around a blazing fire on the beach, this time an impromptu event conjured up by members of the VIP Beach Club ahead of a planned outing to honor the equinox this coming Friday.  I just returned from the site where we sat in a semi-circle as remnant logs continue to smolder.  A cool, breezy day with a stunning sunset soon gave way nicely to a calm evening with stars and a waxing moon lighting up the sand as we kept toasty by a mound of soaring flames.  I moved quickly to round-up some tinder for my guests picking up several wheelbarrows of mixed hardwood from a tree service down the road, buttressed by a pile of freshly felled spruce on the neighbor’s lawn across the street.

We hustled down to the water’s edge just in the nick of time to catch the sun dipping below the horizon as I lit the crumpled newspaper stuffed into the interior of a pyramidal structure soon to burst into flame.  Amy had rustled up a pair of decadent and nourishing zucchini crust pizzas for the tribe as we noshed while sipping on vodka with fresh watermelon and pear juice prepared earlier in the day by resident produce aficionado Matt.  The conversation flowed as the moon rose over the stately oaks trees lining the beach casting shadows upon toes in the sand.  At one point as I was gazing into the swirling flames listening to a steady cadence of waves crashing ashore I felt moved to tears.  I’d become immersed in gratitude for the sheer simplicity and utter magnitude of the elements- earth, air, water and fire.  My blessings had been counted.

Today is presenting me with some “down time” to conclude the weekend.  I’ve already been out to wash the truck and ATV, rinsing away accumulated debris from the bed of the Honda following a landscape job for a most satisfied customer in south Buffalo,  The NFL season Week 2 is underway and today the Bills host the Panthers of Carolina, a game pitting a couple of young, athletic and talented quarterbacks.  Another busy week is looming with just 2 weeks remaining in Q3 and the clock ticking to max out bonus compensation.  In addition, I have some landscaping to do as well as plans to gather for a “farewell dinner” with my sister and brother-in-law departing for Bogota next weekend to complete the adoption of my Godson, Charlie.  Yes life is abundant.

In common wealth,