It hasn’t been the most productive week on the job, in particular working from the home office today, a job perk recently granted to me in light of plausible performance metrics.  It appears as though I will have landed another deal- a young, driven and intelligent technology sales pro excited to be joining an “Enterprise IT dream team” based in Burlington MA- before the quarter wraps up this month.  It will push my bonus earning to an even greater figure and better than 3x my base salary in terms of total revenue since I joined Golden Hire Consulting earlier this year.  To make it an even sweeter deal for GHC nearly one-half of my salary is going to be reimbursed from a NYS funded on-the-job training grant.  From a financial perspective it has clearly been a win-win scenario.

This week I’ve felt the need to be and have not been as inspired to perform the necessary duties of my position, and the effort is clearly mirroring the results with little new activity stimulated.  I find that amid times like these it is imperative to slow things down, even though business schedules and personal responsibilities can be unrelenting.  We were visited by a preying mantis in the office earlier in the week and the symbolism is stillness, meditation and the importance of reflecting upon choices to ensure congruency between mind and soul.  It could not be a more appropriate message on the eve of this lapsing summer season and a harvest moon shining down portending of autumn glory.

I’m reminded of some words of wisdom shared by one of the many self-help gurus from which I’ve gleaned insight, “We are human beings, not doings, to much do do really stinks.”  It was a corny, yet poignant nugget of truth that for even the most achievement oriented among us, pausing to go inward is essential and vital for optimal function in the long run.  And so there is one day left in the 5 day 40 hour work week, and then a weekend with less on the schedule than has been the norm for the summer months when we rush to squeeze it all in before warm days give way to chilly nights.  Sugar maple leaves are turning orange and blueberry leaves a deep burgundy as day lilies have long since waned and the mums just coming into full blossom.  Let it be.

In common wealth,