Hello Readers,

Not sure how many are actively subscribed to this blog after my long summer hiatus so if you’re reading this please do drop a comment.  Yes you need to create a free wordpress account to do so and your participation is appreciated for these rambling musings are not only an exercise in cathartic self-love, it is also intended to stir up whatever it is within you that requires stirring.

Abundance becomes suffering when generosity is absent.  I am reminded once again how blessed I am in this life, despite a fairly exhausted body vehicle following an uncharacteristic late outing on a school night with some of the boys.  I had an estimate to do in south Buffalo and a deposit to collect for another client in north Buffalo, so I opted to meet up at The Barn to see what was brewing on a hump day.  Prior to I did pay my mermaid girlfriend a visit at the pub where I indulged in pints of local craft beer and some delightful grilled sustenance.  She was unusually busy portending of decent tips for serving famished West Side patrons.  

The boys and I wound up at a pool hall in Cheektowaga after following Matt to the airport in his mother’s car where she was returning from a 3 week vacation.  We racked 4 games in an hour while swilling down pitchers of brew, Mark and Shawn defeating Matty and I in tidy fashion 3 games to 1 before calling it a match.  On the drive home to the beach I paid a rare visit to MacDonald’s for some unhealthy greasy fast food to soak up the suds in my tummy.  There was a long delay in the drive-thru and I was becoming annoyed until I pulled up to the window to witness a young fellow scrambling to keep pace with the late night rush.  Empathy trumped my ego’s petty demands as I realized he was swamped, commenting “Busier than usual tonight huh?”  To which he replied with a sigh and a sense that I actually cared for his welfare, “Yeah it is.”  

Seems like folks are going through a good deal of upheaval and transition in recent weeks.  I have friends struggling in their marriages and job searches, financial and health challenges, and at the same time exciting prospects for new legs of the journey unfolding.  My sister and brother-in-law have landed safely upon Colombian soil to meet their adopted son, Charlie, whose photos have been plastered all over the social network the last several days. I feel tears well up and my heartstrings tugged upon as I see each still frame capturing an intimate moment of that unique and precious bonding experience between parents and a child.  While I am thrilled to become an Uncle and Godfather for the first time in this life, I am even more ecstatic for the reward they’re cherishing after better than a year in patient preparation.  

In common wealth,