It is a seasonably muggy evening more akin to summer than autumn, though it is still early enough in this penultimate season of the cycle where leaves are only just beginning to change hues and the night critters still hum in a familiar cadence.  I made it down to the lake just in time to catch my mistress perched above the horizon before dipping below whilst completing reps with the Joe D Bands.  Thought there are many gorgeous places on this planet, the special bond I’ve forged with this body of water is uniquely sanguine.  I broke into a jog on the return to home base resulting in a steady sweat calling for a shower.  My belly is now full with a homemade harvest stew consisting of eggplant, Roma tomatoes and cayenne peppers generously shared from a neighbor just down the road.

Abundance and upheaval and opportunity appear to be themes in my life reflected back to me by those in my inner circle, and the extended social network.  Some are down with colds and allergies as others contend with relationship flux and still others financial uncertainty.  On the whole, I am feeling immensely blessed and grateful as I reap the harvest I’ve sown from the tremendous transformation which has occurred since the inception of this Daily Log 2012.  Things continue to flourish on the job with anticipation of my largest ever commission check the first of next month.  Moreover, I am speaking and networking and influencing an increasing number of young technology sales professionals aspiring to their next great career move.

Among the inner circle updates include my sister and brother-in-law enduring the vicissitudes of life in a distant foreign land, and though they enjoy all of the modern amenities afforded by their lodging, homesickness has set in for my sister.  My mother has purchased airfare and will be touching down on Colombian soil by this time next week to meet her Grandson Charlie, and to offer much-needed support to balance the tremendous challenge of completing an ordeal of an adoption.  If not for my present responsibilities making hay while the sun shines and holding down the fort, I’d be inclined to board a plane myself.  It is truly heroic the sacrifices some will make stretching their comfort zone to the limit for love.

In other big news to report, it appears the days of The Barn are nearing an end as my dear soul tribe prepare to relocate to The Dale out in Wyoming County.  The owner of the farm where they’ve been volunteering all summer, Kent and his wife Laura, have offered the residence adjacent their property for rent.  This is a huge move to the rolling hills well beyond the lighted streets and they’re thrilled to be taking such a leap of faith in the direction of their dream.  It is so amazing to witness all of this unfolding just as we had discussed in meetings over dinners for a period of 3 years, co-manifesting as a group of thoughtful and like-vibration citizens.  There are of course loose ends to address, like renting or selling their home nestled in historic Kaisertown, but it is priced to sell and already a couple of buyers lining up to have a look-see without even listing it on the MLS.  If all of this continues to fall into place quite magically, I can see myself join them by this time next year down on the farm.

In common wealth,


Dreams can come true, they can happen to you.