It was over a week since I last sat down to make an entry and at the moment I feel anything but thriving.  Symptoms of a sinus infection have taken hold and that is an unusual occurrence.  A lot has transpired, some really inspiring stuff and some heartbreaking, along with the typical ebb and flows of the sales profession.  I had not one, but two candidates bail heading into their respective second interviews in NJ and DC.  I am nearly certain the former simply got a classic case of cold feet in anticipation of the phone canvass audition followed by a meeting with the Regional Manager, whom I’d been advised by the Sales Manager likes to know what makes people tick to ensure a good fit for their dynamic, success-oriented culture.  The latter candidate in DC accepted an offer from another company and so a bird in the hand beats a half day proving you have the right stuff for an uncertain outcome.   To net it out that was a potential $7K in bonus comp had it moved along to a hire, now evaporated.

I chose to take a half day using up the remainder of my personal time for the year leaving the office after lunch to process all that has gone down in recent days.  The woman with whom I’d forged a bond last spring has opted out of the relationship to focus on her needs during a difficult time of transition.  As much as it makes me sad it is also relieving, for I know she needs to heal without the additional energy required for a partnership, and it will open up space for me to take better care of myself as precious resources allow.  I’m still in a mild state of shock pondering the closure of another promising romance, one that has opened my heart to a higher vibration of love for myself and all creation.  We’ve parted amicably and so it is an opportunity to shift the story from bitter breakups to gratitude for the transformation enjoyed by both parties.  All that remains are fond memories of moments shared and smiles for who I’ve become through the dance.

In more uplifting news, I spent the weekend volunteering my time to very worthy causes including construction of a “high tunnel” at Plato Dale Farms tucked in the hills of southern Wyoming County.  On a glorious sunshine-filled October day a small group of thoughtful citizens convened to measure, saw, position and secure wood and steel for a structure that can generate leafy greens through the cold winter months.  At the end of a 9 hour day my weary body was aptly satiated by farm fresh foods including potatoes, greens and grass-fed beef burgers washed down with craft beers from local microbreweries.  I felt such a sense of purpose in the labor and to see a common vision coming to fruition brings tears to my eyes.  My spirit knows that land and it knows me from many years spent as a child, adolescent and adult wandering its forested hillside perhaps 15 miles north way the crow flies.

In other good news my sister and brother-in-law anticipate being home by the end of the month with the latest news from the Colombian courts.  My mother will board her return flight tomorrow after spending the last 8 days in tight quarters with her Grandson I am sure she’s eager to enjoy the comforts of home.  The pictures posted daily on the social network continue to warm my heart and I’m excited to meet my nephew Charlie sooner than later.  It is going to be an extra special holiday season having him around and Thanksgiving this year is shifting venues to my cousins’ spacious home in Williamsville.  Even when life gets rough I am reminded how blessed I am with abundance.

In common wealth,