It is Halloween and kids are out and about in costume collecting a variety of confections from their neighbors, though out here by the lake I have not had a single visitor, which I’d anticipated in this my second season in residence, and so I have not stocked up on candy for the occasion.  A warm front has been pushing up from the Gulf of Mexico since this morning bringing rains and high winds forecast overnight to stir up massive waves on this transition night from the harvest season to winter in Gaelic tradition.   I feel the heaviness of this increasingly darkening time of year and it matches the energy levels I’ve been processing of late in the wake of much upheaval in my personal and professional life.  Although tomorrow I will collect the largest commission check of my career for efforts prior to this challenging period.

I am going to take full advantage of the new space opening up as I process the latest twist, or contortion in my path, and heed the guidance I’ve been receiving both internally and externally.  There is much to be accomplished yet in this life on the highest levels, not so much in political or commercial, as humanitarian.  I am reminded that my greatest partnership is with myself and to nurture myself compassionately, much as I offer to my dearest loved ones.  Self-doubt is the only obstacle and low-priority ancillary endeavors need to be culled as stressors are to be deleted like spyware.   There is little margin for error to wander from the mission I’ve come here to complete and the Universe holds me accountable despite my sensitivity and empathy in connection with fellow souls.  We are timeless, and yet time is of the essence.

I am getting a head start on fleshing out a vision for a major quantum leap in the year ahead.   Tomorrow after work I am headed out to Plato Dale to take some of my tribe out for dinner at the local pub as part celebration of my bonus, and part Pow Wow for intentions to establish a domicile of sorts on the land in sync with a vision for 2014.   There’s something that really resonates for me to live near and participate in the production of the food that nourishes and sustains my mind, body and soul.  To do so in concert with others of like-vibration and in harmony with the ecosystem confers a deep sense of satisfaction.  And to operate from a home base that supports optimal wellness will position me to fulfill my destiny in a good and balanced way. 

In common wealth,