I just got home from a long, productive day that began with a blitzkrieg fall cleanup to put the finishing touches on winter preparations before scurrying off to work recruiting software sales professionals.  I completed everything but staking the blueberry bushes with a protective shield to keep the rabbits from foraging during the season of frozen tundra, and that task is on hold until the weekend.   A steady rain is falling and I just took a few gulps of steeped tea, an Essiac blend of various flowers, roots and bark ahead of a colon cleanse I intend to do in a few weeks, perhaps after Thanksgiving, if not sooner.  The taste left much to be desired as one might imagine, though not intolerable by any means.  Anything that has health benefits I am game for consuming in earnest.

About an hour into the workflow as I was listening in on a conference call with a prospective candidate the computer screen began to blur, though only from my left eye.  As I looked around the office and out the window the kaleidoscope effect persisted for several minutes until I closed my eyes allowing them to rest.  It was unnerving in light of recent messages I’ve received from an intuitive healer thousands of miles away suggesting I see a doctor after scanning me remotely, then the next day a friend randomly asking me how my health has been.  During mid-summer I had various symptoms arise for a period of several weeks including dizziness, inflammation of my shoulders and excessive fatigue.  I figured it may have been due to allergies, if not sheer burnout from all the activity working full-time, landscaping on the side and exploring a new romance.  Although I’ve never had such an episode in prior seasons.  My theory is that it was an abnormally high pollen count with all the rain promoting vegetative growth.  In any event, I became sufficiently concerned to search some local health care providers and pursue a diagnostic, for peace of mind if nothing else.  It’s been over 13 years now since I’ve seen a physician and I pride myself on self-care for everything comes to us, through us and for us.  I do not have health insurance coverage and it would seem this might be a wise course of action as a Plan B should the need for acute medical attention present itself.

My eyes are heavy and the daylight savings adjustment invariably thwarts my internal clock, gonna be an early night to bed.  It has been an intense year of new beginnings, growth and heartache, my body is tired and my mind remains engaged.  Last night I enjoyed a long walk by the water in the dark of night listening as the waves crashed onto the sand and at times stumbling over shale and driftwood under foot.  It won’t be long before the ice volcanoes form as arctic gales whip across her surface whisking moisture upon accreting mounds ashore.  Tomorrow night my sister and brother-in-law return from Colombia with their little boy Charlie and I’m giddy with anticipation to meet my nephew for the first time after weeks of pictures posted on the social network.  Yes life can be a bewildering array of ventures, responsibilities and diversions, and at the same time it is such a precious, delicate gift to cherish.  Carpe diem.

Spirits are using me larger voices callin…

In common wealth,