I am noticing the energy shifting into forward momentum as mercury retrograde has wreaked its havoc in various ways over the last several weeks culminating in a catastrophic typhoon that has devastated parts of southeast Asia with an estimated death toll eclipsing 10,000 in the Philippines.  Such destruction and utter annihilation trump the adversity I’ve faced on a personal level as we pray for our dear brothers and sisters overseas.  The Sabres are facing the L.A. Kings as the TV blares in the background following the first snowfall of the season on a chilly night by the lake.  After work I made it down to the water’s edge for some calisthenics and a run despite a bitter breeze churning up whitecaps glistening in the crisp moonlight.  I stumbled and rolled my ankle on a piece of driftwood, slowing my gait for a few moments and fortunate not to have incurred a more serious injury, fingertips numb and grateful for the sensation of my body immersed in the harshness of the season.

The transitions for so many of my dear loved ones continues to unfurl as 2013 winds down.  This time of year is notoriously challenging for me and it is a welcome reprieve approaching the holidays forging a new bond with my nephew Charlie, who was greeted by an entourage at the airport upon arrival from Colombia last week.  The moment I held him in my arms I knew and he knew it was written in the stars as he gazed at my lips speaking to him with the flash of cameras like a celebrity in the spotlight, then he grabbed my thumbed and squeezed as if to say “Hey Uncle Sean so happy to see you.”  Such experiences are pure treasure in this life too far and few between in a world oft plagued by scarcity and ignorance and greed.  The more we choose love over fear the greater our power to impact meaningful change.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The area of focus for myself and those who reach out to me for advice, or guidance, is now simply on a “next step.”  I have been posing the question to various friends in recent days and out of the practice a concept for a coaching program has emerged.  Some folks are facing serious relationship upheaval, others financial, career path and still others their health in terms of physical well-being.  In this hustling and bustling modern digital information age we can easily get pulled in umpteen different directions, in many instances focusing on rather low priority items like keeping up with a thread on the social network, or sweeping the floors or doing crossword puzzles, or numbing the pain until hours have passed with a “to-do” list making little progress toward a “done” list.  So the question then is “What is your next step?”

In common wealth,


Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift, which is why it is called the Present.