Beliefs limit what we perceive to be our experience of reality…for real.  This was among the many comments entered into the permanent digital record via the Social Network earlier today.  What we believe to be true,  interpretations of life events impressed upon our subconscious, has a way of validating itself over and over in a steady rhythm and pattern in our lives.  The faces change as do the places we roam, yet the sun is the same in a relative way as you grow older.  Any efforts applied to the external world of form without an inward diagnosis of the prevailing thoughts and feelings, is so done in vain at best, in pain at worst.  The hardware operates at the mercy of the software, for better or worse.  And it feels as though in recent weeks there’s been a major download from the cosmos to upgrade this earth plane.

I had an uplifting epiphany today pertaining to my most recent romantic interlude.  It became clear to me that in the weeks since its dissolution it has served us both to cross paths, a sacred contract fulfilled, nudging one another forward in our respective destinies.  Thus, any remaining sadness or sense of loss need not linger, and instead replaced with gratitude and appreciation for the perfectly divine order of things.  Had I not come into her life it is unlikely she would have broken free of the bondage from a highly dysfunctional relationship, and had she not come into mine I would not have had the opportunity to know a deeply caring love since my divorce.  I am not bitter or jaded in the wake of this latest parting, on the contrary, I am enriched with an even greater capacity for love than I had hitherto.

Things remain in a bit of a lull on the work front as I’ve not managed to move much of the new activity in the direction of a hire.  I did secure a deal this past week, so that is some progress to build upon with just over a month remaining in the quarter, and the fiscal year.  I’ve had a fair amount of apathy on the job over the last several days, which is an improvement from the sheer indifference that took hold last month as the wheels came off amid Mercury retrograde.  I’m in a space where all I really want to do is spend time within my large circle of loved ones, my nephew Charlie most notably, and members of my extended earth tribe.  Work just feels like an obstacle to this flow at the moment, and so my mind is a bit obscured by the clouds.  My body is weary from the immensity of transformation.  Sweet dreams.

In common wealth,


And when I come home cold and tired it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire…