I just returned from a walk down to the water and caught my mistress dipping below the illuminated horizon, nourishment for the spirit on a cold late autumn day.  Spaghetti squash is baking in the oven in preparation for an evening’s repast and the solitude which had nudged me out of the comfort zone in recent days now feels like a gift to cherish.  My body is weary in the wake of an all day moving brigade that began in the morning and did not wrap up until well after darkness fell over the hills and valleys of southern Wyoming County.  I also managed to rise early today and meet a friend for a hike to see a local landmark known as The Eternal Flame, a natural gas leak emerging from the earth, and a flickering flame providing a mystical scene with water trickling over the ice-encrusted strata.   I’d known about Gaslight, as it is also affectionately known, for over 20 years and even tried to find it once before to no avail.  I guess I can scratch it off my bucket list, although I don’t really have one.

Yesterday was an immense exercise in relocation from an urban crib to a farm homestead for my dearest friends Matt, Amy and Erin.  Together with our extended tribe of like-vibrational souls, we strategically filled a 26′ rental truck with sofas, beds, bureaus, tables, chairs and dozens of boxes before hauling off caravan-style to the countryside.  It was a sunup to sundown ordeal, though we made it as fun as we could transmuting the physical stress of heavy lifting and scurrying about, coupled with the emotional stress of uprooting an entire life to a new space.  After 12 hours we all sat down with a cold beverage in the newly furnished Great Room taking in the new environs with joy in our hearts.  Even the cats quickly acclimated as smiles abundantly circulated.  I felt blessed to be present for the culminating point of a vision that had been in motion for years, and look forward to the memories yet created in a legacy with goodness to all concerned.

It has been a memorable and enriching Thanksgiving holiday this year beginning with the Friendsgiving to kick off the week, followed by the more traditional gathering of family on the last Thursday of November.  I am reminded in moments like these how blessed I am in my relationships, truly an area of abundance and appreciation in my life.  We managed to seat 45 grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, aunts and uncles for a delightful feast as my cousin’s opened their spacious abode to host with grace and warmth.  I really enjoyed spending more quality time with Charlie, who was not behaving very well at the table and so Uncle Sean took him to go play soccer and drums so my sister could relax.  He was among the stars of the show for the day as several cousins of the younger generation walked, bobbled and crawled about the various rooms.  As the years continue to scroll we can only pray this generation will continue to enjoy the solidarity of faith, family and friends.

In common wealth,